OMFG.  What a day already.  I'm mildly pissed because it's been trying, but not super-pissed, because there are some really good things on the horizon.  What good things? • This is a short week. • And a pay-day week. • Next week, we'll be going to Universal Studios and to see Muse. • When we come back, we've got the housing inspection. • BO is giving me an opportunity to work off some of my board while she goes on vacation. • The following week, I'll be going on a biz trip to a city I've never been to (Charleston). • Ceteris paribus, we'll be moving in to the new place at the end of next month. ♥

But the shit things:

My dogs (Savannah?) ate my favorite bag.

And a library book.  (It's a shitty book - I wouldn't recommend it.)

I missed two hours of work (and my lunch break) because the farrier was coming and BO had to do government things.
Left in process.

Left getting shoe.

Right getting shoe.

I found out that Archie has a ridge in his front right.  "Oh, that?  Yeah, he's always had that.  He also grows more heel on that foot."  WTF.  I never knew.

Annnnd then, when he was doing Skinny Guy's shoes, I started thinking that those shoes looked awfully similar.  Which they shouldn't.  At all.  ..Considering that I pay $20 extra to get aluminum fronts for his arthritis and ringbone.
Archie's old shoe.

Old shoe.  See how shiny?

New shoe.  Super thick, but DARK.

Right front.

Are regular shoes this thick?

Skinny Guy - same dark shoe!

Sorry for the poop - I didn't have a hoof pick on me and I wasn't going to stick my finger in there.
He also informed me that he was going to cash-only.  BO hadn't mentioned that.  Fortunately, I scarily had a shit-ton of cash on me for the housing inspection and just gave him some of that.  I think I'm going to deposit the rest because I absolutely hate being responsible for money like that.

I called BO this morning to remind her about the cash-only thing ("Ohhh.. I think I recall him mentioning that.) and to ask her to double-check Archie's feeters before I go ape-shit on the farrier.  Roar.

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