The Trip

Because y'all are all dying to know about my vacation, right?

Universal Studios

Let's just make this simple:  I loved all things Harry Potter.  I rode roller coasters.  I loved the Minions ride.  And I did not vomit a single time.

Harry Potter
Best ride EVER.
It's an owl!
Solid, bitches.
This was after he told off a group of tourists for crossing the cameras and before he told me that he loved my accent.
Rest of Universal
This is cropped and tilted.  D said:  OH! That's what it's supposed to look like!
Matching anchor tats.
Me and my Ethopian.
Absolute last thing we did.

 The Concert

The openers were Dead Sara.  I absolutely loved them.

Muse was amazing.  I wanted to kill the lady next to me and the dude with ADHD in front of me.  But as far as the music went?  Awesome.  My husband took video of pretty much the whole thing, so I'll link to that eventually.
For the encore.
1/2 Bong at the Brick House Tavern.

Tack Store

We went to the Horse and Kennel in Jacksonville.  I won't say that it beats the Tack Room in Camden, but it's relatively on par with Boots, Bridles and Britches in Aiken.  (Though, BBB is much better organized!)  I will give this place huge props for its consignment, because there was a shit ton of it.
This amazed me.  Switch out the backing for your girth between fleece and neoprene!
Consignment boots.
Two of three things I actually bought.  Reviews to follow.
Third thing I bought.

 Free Day


Shh.. Don't tell D.
A well is being dug outside the pasture.

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  1. Ah!! I love Universal Studios! Great pics, sounds like you had a great vacation!

    1. I'm just stoked that I didn't vomit! :) And yeah, it was pretty amazing. Great time of year to go as no one was there and wait times were really short.

  2. Looks like a great vacation!!

    Btw, I responded re: the logo on my blog. I wasn't exactly a satisfied customer. :S

  3. Sounds like you had fun! I have seen girths like that that you can switch. I can actually take the neoprene off my girth but I don't have a fleecy exchange haha so I never do.

    1. That's so fancy! I bet it makes the fleece super easy to wash.