Truck Theft

Sooooo.  Savannah is a strange city.  In other cities, you can see a delineation of wealth.  By that, I mean that you've got your "rich" sections and your "poor" sections.

Not my city!

Within a couple miles of road and a few hundred feet as the crow flies, you'll have trailer parks, okay houses, modestly nice houses, and mansions.  Spitting distance of each other.  All mixed in together.  Where am I going with this, right?

I went to the barn last night, after dinner and after a cocktail, probably with hibiscus and pomegranate vodka on my breath.  I see police lights outside of one of the gated mansions.  I keep driving.  I see a truck on the side of the road with doors open, next to one of the "okay" houses.  I keep driving.  I turn on to the dirt road to the barn.  I keep driving.  I slam on the brakes because two cop cars are blocking my access to the pasture.

As I get out of my Subie, another cop car has pulled up behind me with his spotlight shining.  He first asks if I'm okay and then if any of "my" neighbors have a pool.  I mentally scan all the land that I've ridden around and negate any of them having large bodies of water.  Then I remember that BO has a pool and a pool house as part of her mansion estate.  I tell him that much and watch him turn around and proceed to her property.

At this point, I call my husband because I'm freaking out a little.  While I'm on the phone with him, the helicopter with the search light shows up and starts making rounds.

The cop has assured me that the barn had been searched, but I'm still a little wary.  I kept my husband on the phone (in case I got snatched) while I coaxed my wide-eyed thoroughbred into his stall.  Both horses were on high-alert, which really freaked me out about someone being in the pasture.  They didn't care so much about the barn, but all eyes were forward to the land.

When I went into the tack/feed room, I could tell it'd been looked-over. The bathroom door was wide open and the cat looked like she was ready to bolt in a second.  I hung around the barn, with my husband on the phone, until Archie finished eating.  I gave them some carrots, hung up with the man, and headed back to my car.

As I was walking to my car, the police officer came back to tell me that the search was almost over.  They'd apprehended two guys and thought there might be third.  Me:  Did you check the shack at the end of the dirt road?  (Yes.)  Did you check the outhouse on the property next door? (Yes.)  Did you check BO's pool house? (Yes.)  Did you check the trailer park on the other side of the meadow? (Going there now.)

So, yeah.  I was (not so) involved with a man hunt last night!

I googled it this morning and here's the little snippet.

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