In addition to the one chick who's interest in le Ol' Wintec, another person emailed me this morning with all sorts of exclamation marks and giddiness.  And, she wants to drive to me!  (Which makes me super nervous - like my barn is a secret location or something.)

So, yeah, passing along horse tack FTW.  Let's just keep our respective fingers and hooves crossed that someone actually buys this thing.

Because I'm certain y'all give a shit:  I woke up again to rain.  But this time, it was a massive angry storm that knocked out the power for several hours and required me to get dressed and apply my face by light of my iPhone.  The eyeliner is wanky on one eyeball.  It just stops halfway down the lid.  I'm awesome.

Georgia Power working to fix my electricity.

One of the local trailer parks (I told you that this place was weird!) is flooded.
Scarlette, as she is wont to do, lost her shit during the storm.  As soon as the husband left the bedroom, she was in the bed next to me, shaking.  I think Savannah tried to get up in the bed but her old lady joints aren't agreeable.  A million years ago, before my husband and I got married (because we didn't live together until about a month before the wedding), the girls slept with me almost every night.  Scar would sleep curled up at the foot of the bed and Sav'h would sleep next to me, with her spine against mine.  I miss that.

I spent the morning in training:  Maximizing Income and Prioritizing Expenses.  If the diagram from Mint wasn't indicative enough, it was really reinforced that the mass of my money goes to the pony.  We did a little exercise on budgeting, where we had to write down the amount that we made per month and the amount we spent per month.  I was fortunate to have a surplus, but it's a tight one.  So.. that makes me think sad things.  Like cutting back on the SmartPak.  I know he absolutely needs to stay on the OneAC and probably really benefits from the SmartFlex Senior (given how broken he is), but I should probably cut out the SmartHoof and the SmartCalm.  As the days get longer, the increased exercise will hopefully negate the need for the SmartCalm.  Or I'll die.  Either way, I'll be saving money!

All of this is a result of that thing we aren't talking about.  That has subsequently been counter-offered and counter-counter-offered and will have another result at 5 pm tonight. And even though I don't really want to talk about it, I'm still sort of offended that the three people I've told IRL aren't asking all sorts of questions.  

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  1. I always wondered about Mint I want to use it but I'm scared lol.