Beyond Excited.

I've heard of "baby brain", where the kid is eating all of your nutrients (sarcastically said) and your brain just.. stops functioning to a degree.

That said, I think I have "house brain".  All I want to talk about is the house, but god forbid you say something that goes against the plans I have (like paint color, room usage, bushes planted) because I will smite you with my razor-bladed tongue.

Why, yes, I did check this out.  Even though my "style" is more owl and blue than Southern, whatever.
Which is to say that I had House Brain and forgot about most of today's plans.  My husband and I were invited (invited!) to the grand opening of a beer garden in town.  I feel like it's going to be a big function, but it eats the riding opportunity from the night.  Instead, I'm going to walk around downtown with my camera and wait for the Man to meet me.  But, missing the ride?  Not as big of a deal as it would have been last week.  Join me in rejoicing:


Let's save some stinkin' daylight, y'all.

Other things on the agenda:  trying out Savannah's first vegetarian restaurant (in a place that loves low country boil and dead-things-flavored vegetables, I AM STOKED), having an eye exam tomorrow (annual because my vision sucks and to see if the halo around objects is anything to be concerned about) (surely not, right?) (product of televisions and computer screens and I'm perfectly normal, right?), working out, riding Archie, going to lunch at the little Japanese place, dinner at Jazz'd, and soccer on Sunday.  I've got a lot of things to be thankful for.

And, finally:  the Instagram widget (for Hillary!).  The website to go to is Snap Widget.  You fill out the information giving them access to pull your feed and then you set up your parameters - like how many photos to show, how you want them arranged, how big they ought to be, all that.  Probably good to have an idea of what size your sidebars are prior to going in.  (Like, mine are 170 px.)  When all of that is done, they'll give you an html code.  Copy that.  In the layout setting of your blogger, add an HTML widget and paste that code.  Bam.  You're pretty much done.  The one suggestion I'd make?  They add some advertisement for the widget at the very top of the code, something like "------SnapWidget-----".  I deleted that line because it looked stupid.  

If my brief explanation leads you astray, use this tutorial: adding Instagram.  Ps.  Even if you perfectly understood my directions, this website has a shit ton of good information for tweaking blogger.

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  1. Yay for house! Unfortunately I keep getting an error... I wonder if it's because my instagram is private...