Er.. Dur.. What?

That "house brain" that I was talking about last week?  Where I can't finish thoughts or sentences because I'm too busy thinking about Arctic White versus Blue Cloud?  Yeah.  It's gotten worse.  I expect on Tuesday, the day before we close, I'll be a blubbering mass of ratios, sheens, and trying to figure out where I'm going to put the turtles' tank.  In the move from Augusta to Savannah, they were stuck in a small half gallon aquarium that rode on the front seat.  Horse stuff was on the back seat and the girls rode in the hatch. I expect all of this to be repeated to some degree.

I haven't ridden since Monday, but I have worked out twice.  I haven't run, either.  See, it's all that House Brain.  I'm too busy focusing on schematics.  Oh!  And did I mention that the damn apartment has termites?  Like, serious termites.  The baseboard on the downstairs bathroom has holes everywhere.  I alerted the landlord, the same dude who took almost two weeks to fix my oven, and he sent someone to spray the outside.  D said that, afterwards, there were swarms of dying insects all over the front yard.  But he never addressed the inside.  I sent texts.  He forgot.  Then he said that he would prefer that I wrote him a note and put it in the drop box at the office (even though, in two and a half years, he's never mentioned that being the preferred method over texts).  But whatever.  I wrote him a note on our "goodbye" letter's envelope.  :)

So, between moving, termites, Savannah being sick (last night was the first time all week that she made it through the night without an accident), and the personal drama, I just.. haven't thought about the things that make me happy.  Like photography, running or riding.  But that will change today, dammit!  (The gym time has helped with my stress level ((D went twice yesterday, if that's any indication of his level)), but the anxiety is rolling around at about an 8, perpetually.)

At last week's soccer game, when D took photos of us playing, I stopped on the way to the car and photographed this kid.  He was precious and brave and already had the "I love my owners" look down.

And just a random photo of my man's ever-growing bicep.  SERIOUSLY HOT.  I need to do a comparative analysis post of his amazing transformation.

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  1. OMG the puppy!!! And hello sexy arm!

    1. Yeah, I pretty much snatched the camera out of my husband's hand and tossed a quick "please?" to the owners. It was ADORABLE.

      It's amazing what his dedication to fitness has resulted in! :)

  2. That puppy SWOON! D and J can have a bicep off! :)

    1. Does the bicep off require them to take their shirts off? I'd be game for that.

      But less game if I end up having to Nair D, spray tan him and then cover him in butter.

  3. Replies
    1. :) I don't think I've seen an ugly puppy. I should just photograph them.