Housing Inspection, AKA "Holy Shit."

So.. I got to walk on the roof of the "new house" yesterday.  D keeps reminding me that we haven't officially purchased it yet, but I keep saying that it's our goddamn house.  Just nicer than that, though.

Of course, my eyes are closed.

I don't want to do a "reveal" until we close (three weeks), but I do want to share some fun photos from yesterday.  Husband wasn't able to attend the inspection due to work, so it went like this:

Home Inspector: Blah blah blah.. traps.. wires.. blah blah blah
Me: <Takes photo of blah, traps and wires> Alrighty.  (because I was nervous and overwhelmed, I sounded like a school teacher) <types furiously some of the regurgitated jargon in text to husband> 
HI: Blah blah blah.. <insert ding from husband replying and asking questions about an issue exposed ten texts ago> blah blah blah.. You know how to ground a house, right?
Me: <looking up from texting/photographing, mildly disoriented expression> Ground a house to what?  It's on a concrete slab on the ground. <HI begins explaining the 18th thing that the house needs in order to not electrocute us while showering or opening doors, this time involving eight foot poles shoved into the ground, meanwhile my iPhone whistles insistently> 

It was fun!  Ultimately, though, there's nothing substantially wrong with the house that warrants us not proceeding.  And it's a damn pretty house.
Found in the attic.

Master bath.  I claim this sink.
Roof/back yard/bits of the canal.
I should have just videotaped the whole thing.  By the end of the three hours, I had 4% battery life left.  And a lot less of my mental acuity.  Then I had to haul ass back to the other side of town to give the Kid his beet pulp, fix his fucking sheet/blanket situation (okay, 30° with 15-20 mph winds and you incorrectly throw a sheet on my horse?!) by taking off the sheet and putting his blanket and then the sheet on.

Parallel! WTF?!
Then it was a mad dash in the cold wind to walk the dogs and get the mail.  As I walking back, I saw the husband pull in.  But, while I fed dogs, separated cats, fed cats, started the oven and rounded up trash, he sat in his fucking car talking on the phone.  Roar.  I gave him shit for being a weirdo and not bringing his phone conversation inside and multitasking with some of the chores.

I'd also gotten a text from BO saying that she was snowed in on her business trip and asking me to feed again this morning.  Okay, two-and-a-half years of boarding, approximately 30 checks with my name plastered on the top, and you still get it wrong?  Fuck you.  It's like the damn Humane Society.

7 AM and the Kid is waayyyy off in the distance.
Oh!  I also got the Brooks that I won at the Rock'N'Roll Half-Marathon Expo.

Aren't they pretty?  $140 shoes for free!
On the agenda for the rest of the week:  photos tonight, more blog tweeking (did you see my new Instagram feed thingy on the right sidebar?!  If you want one, I'll link to the host site.), gym tonight (workout #2 from the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge) (workout #1 kicked my butt), re-inflating my front tires (slow leak), signing up for the Happy 5k (I keep forgetting), ride three times before Monday, figure out where I'm going to eat while in Charleston, soccer game on Sunday and hopefully, a decent dinner with the Hubs on Saturday.  Whoo.

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  1. Well, yeah, there's nothing wrong with the house except that the old owners are going to come back one night to claim their skeleton mask. And then you'll have strangers in skeleton masks in your attic.

    1. Well, when you hear on the news about a couple being hacked to bits, remember that the old owners came back for their mask and get revenge on my death! :)

  2. I would love an instagram feed! That is sweet :)

    1. I will share! It's pretty neat! (And super easy.)

  3. almost congrats on the house!!! :)

  4. Yeah!!!!! New house :) More pics! If I don't know how to spell someone's name, I just don't put down their name (especially in a text). Bizarro.

    1. See, I wonder if she genuinely thinks that my name is Rebecca or if it's something they teach in socialite school to keep the lower classes down ("Now, dahhhhlings, you mustn't eva address the help by name..").

      I'm STOKED! I totally plan a full reveal and more pictures than anyone would ever want!

  5. Congrats on the hopefully soon to be house! Those inspections are tedious, but also really exciting :)

    1. It was so much scary fun! I really enjoyed it and liked seeing the house up close and personal. I also kept referring to it as a "pre-purchase exam", which still sorta makes sense.

      A house! A house!

  6. It looks like an iphone capture. Maybe she's just another victim of autocorrect?