Remember that barn that I was looking at, several months ago?  The one with private acreage and reasonable fees?  That I went to visit?  Oh, hell:  here's the post.  If we buy this house (the second inspection is tomorrow), I'll actually be closer to that barn than my current barn by about ten minutes.  And I could make those minutes sorta count to the to-and-from work route.  It's had me pondering things.

The BO's Crazier Friend left me a response.  Of course I took a picture.  Also?  When I went to take Skinny Guy's sheet off this morning, she'd done the surcingles parallel to each other.  I don't know how to kindly teach her that if the straps are sewn on at an angle, they expect you to cross them.  Like things that are a no-shit to me aren't obvious to her.  Maybe that's why she's BO's friend.

Sorry for being lazy?

When BO told me that she was going out of town, she also mentioned that she was thinking about having a neighborhood girl feed some, and who, at sixteen, was "very experienced" with horses but hadn't done well at school and had her riding lessons taken away.  I said the only way I would feel comfortable with that girl feeding/sheeting/checking-the-well-being-of Archie would be if I met her prior.  I never met her, so she's not feeding.  This isn't to say that I don't believe teenagers can be knowledgeable horsemen; I'm sure they can.  I'm just not sure I've met any.

So who else is stupid excited for the time change?  I've got my business trip next Tuesday, but I'm excited about the potential for riding on Monday and Wednesday.  The Kid won't know what hit him!  (OH!  Evil Shit kicked out for the first time ever under saddle when I asked for a transition!)

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  1. Her messages don't make much sense to me and I would seriously consider boarding somewhere else.

    I don't like Spring Forward, I only care for Fall Back. I wish we could just do away with the time difference, maybe only spring forward 30mins and keep it that way forever.

  2. Your boarding arrangement seems a little odd. I would also be upset about a child I didn't know taking care of my horses well being. We've had older girls (that are boarders at the farm) take care of the horses on Sundays but they know what's expected of them and their horses well being is at stake too. They are very responsible though. Hope the offer works out :)