Raining Dogs.

I got two rides in this weekend and I'm not sure what this week is going to look like.  I've got secret hopes of skirting off and riding one of the three days that I'll be off work, but no guarantees.  I feel the hubs might be working me to death.

On Friday, it was an easy walk/trot before it started raining.  And then it continued to rain until Sunday morning.

I'm actually wearing a polo.  Be impressed.
But I was able to get on him Sunday afternoon, since soccer was cancelled from the fields being waterlogged, and we worked.  It was incredibly muggy from the rain and sudden heat.  Two warm up walking laps, three trot, one walk to cool down a little, three more trot with downward transitions (fifteen strides trotting, ten strides walking).  Rinse, reverse, repeat.  We had one little moment where he started kicking out while tracking right.  I pushed him forward and when he got back in the rhythm, I praised him.  I find myself saying, "Good boy, good decision making." a lot.  Like I can tell that moment where he's considering being a giant ass, decides it isn't worth it, and keeps going and I feel like I should acknowledge that moment.

After the ride, I put a few braids in his mane (to train it!) and hosed him off, before reapplying his fly boots and giving him his beet pulp.  I guess I can justify a little bareback ride or something when I'm supposed to be going over to give him his beet pulp.  Also can figure out the actual time between new house and barn.  Woo.

We ended up taking Savannah to the vet on Saturday.  D texted me on Friday while I was tacking up Archie that Sav'h had exploded.  I called the "new vet", who we wanted to switch to anyways, since it's practically in our new neighborhood.  They had an opening and I took it and then I found myself apologizing for letting the sickness go on for so long.  :(  At the appointment, we addressed a whole lot more than just the diarrhea.  I was impressed.  I'd had her history faxed over, so she could see where we'd been treating a chronic UTI and how, previously, being on the antibiotics had stripped her gut of good bacteria, which is why I'd restarted her on the probiotics on Monday.  She also brought up that Savannah is technically obese (I think she looks great, dammit!) and how this could be related to the UTIs.  Fat dogs don't express their bladders completely.  I opted to go ahead and retest her urine (so I wouldn't have to pay for another office visit later). Both her fecal and her urine were clean, with a tiny, tiny bit of bacteria in the smear and a pH of 8 for her urine.  I'd said that she'd responded to metronidazole very well in the past and the vet confirmed that she was going to dispense that.  Then we talked about food.

A lot of people hold to the idea that dogs are carnivores and should only eat as much meat and meat by-product as possible.  And if that works for your dog, awesome.  My dogs are omnivores.  When we're outside, they sometimes like to graze.  I let them.  In veterinary journals, the grazing of dogs has not been scientifically linked to any one thing:  it's not a nutrient deficiency and it doesn't mean that they are going to hurl.  Sometimes, your dog just wants to munch on some fresh grass.

So the food we went with is actually a prescription diet generally given to diabetic dogs (Science Diet w/d).  Savannah loves it.  I'm feeding her the amount directed for her to lose 15% of her body weight.  Here's hoping!
I gave poop.  And pee.

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  1. All the dogs I have ever known also love to graze. They are like tiny cuddle cows.

    I hope Sav'h feels better and I'm glad the new vet was thorough and impressive!

  2. Fred likes to graze. Cuddle cow might be my new favorite phrase!