Reviews, Running and Dead Things.

Okay, so horse stuff first, right?

I've used two of the three things that I purchased at the tack store in Jax:  the brush and the Mane n' Tail Mineral Ice.  Generally left both uses feeling pretty okay.

The brush, which is adorable, was intended for children.  I don't have giant hands, but I also don't have dainty hands.  However, four fingers fit the strap perfectly and I'm comfortable with the brush without getting giant-brush hand cramp.  Because it is so tiny, though, it takes about 400 more strokes to brush the beast.  Good exercise, right?  I purchased it because: 1)  I needed a brush that was softer than my stiff brush (which the Archman's delicate hide hates) and stiffer than my soft brush - both of which were made by Oster and are a million years old; 2) it was adorable!  A horse!  On the bristles! (Which used to be white but after one use are now tinged brown.); and 3) I couldn't beat the price tag of $3.95.

Annnnd the mineral ice.  Before I put anything with the potential of stinging on the Kid, I apply it to myself.  It was labeled as 2% Menthol, which is the same strength as the other liniment I have.  So I put it on my hand and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Nothing.  So I applied it to the Kid's back while he was eating beet pulp (after we'd ridden).  He gave me the normal fuck-you,-I'm-eating response and I headed off on my happy way.

While I was driving home, all hell broke loose with that poor hand that had both tested and applied.  It burned!  I have to hope that it wasn't as intense for Archie, given the hair.  His back was a bit tighter the next day, without any sort of inflammation.  It's a gel, so I'll accept any ideas for cutting the potency.

I am now a bit hesitant to use the other liniment that has HA (which is probably just marketing and probably has zero ability to absorb and, even it absorbed, is probably too insignificant to matter) because it's got 4% Menthol.  Ouch!

On to fitness:  I wanted to share two things that I thought were pretty stinking awesome (and hopefully more successful than the last thing I recommended!):

The Happy 5k is a virtual 5k.  You pay the $20 (cheap for a 5k!), run your run, inform the folks leading it that you ran your run, and they send you a medal.  But here's why I want people to know about it:  it benefits the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  I won't go all gushy on y'all (tears are reserved for the Ponykins and the kids), but my cousin has been recently released from his... third treatment for Leukemia.  The only time my husband and I have been to the west coast was to watch the cousin get married.. because I wasn't sure, you know?

And the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge.  This is a little different.  I've never signed up for anything like this before, but I'm severely losing motivation to lift heavy objects or go run; seriously, I'd rather sit on the couch.  It's a motivational thing lasting seven weeks (3/4-4/21).  Depending on the level of involvement picked, it costs between $10 and $45.  I went for $22, which includes: locklaces, weekly emails, group support, expert Q&A, basic training plan and is eligible for prizes.  It works on a point system, so you get points for doing stuff.. like drinking water.  Eating your veggies.  Exercising.  Sooort of like Fitocracy, but I paid for it, so hopefully I'll be more encouraged to actually do shit. Annnnnd.  If you join it and you get other people to join, it counts as a credit towards your account (they say "three people and you earn back your entry fee". *hint hint*).

Finally: dead things.

I attempted to go thrifting today in pursuit of a new purse.  I've got a burst pen in my current gorgeous Kavu, that I've been toting for six months (since the hubs and I went to the GA game).  It's time to switch.  I was unsuccessful.  But, what I did find:

For $13, you can make Beka cry.

And cry.

And cry.

And finally come after you with a shotgun.  This is senseless.

..I do have the skirt that matches this, though.

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  1. Wow, what a thrift shop experience. You never know what you will find when you are on the hunt for a purse!

    1. Ugh! It was horrible! I had a couple items I was going to get but dropped all of it when I saw the death wall and just hustled out. :(

  2. Weird. I'm going to pretend they were found dead, although that is probably not the case. Otherwise I will just be Angry Biologist, ugh!

    I've been wanting to tell you, LOVE the logos you got though, very fun and well-done you for $5!!!!

    1. Thanks! I LOVE the logos! Unfortunately, the guy totally failed for Julia at "Little Bay Princess." :(

      And I'm gonna lean towards probably-not-found-dead. Just in comparison to things that I've seen die naturally. It really did bother me because my turtles have such individual personalities and I can't fathom someone wearing them.