Comcast: Killer of Dreams.

Yesterday, my husband sent me a text in the afternoon verifying that I was going straight to the barn after work.  I restrained my urge to reply in all caps (it would have been something like:  WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!  YOU SAID I HAD TO MEET THE COMCAST GUY!!!) and instead reminded him that he told me that I needed to meet the Comcast guy.  He said that he was getting home earlier than planned and would be able to go directly to the house to meet the guy.  I was all sorts of grumpy.

Then I planned to drive us both out there, drop him off at the apartment, and go ride.  Because hooking up cable shouldn't take that long, right?


Comcast guy left our house at 9 pm.  He had to re-wire half the crap and someone else will be coming by today to dig a trench for the new wire.  I ended up abandoning my husband to continue discussing the crappiness of split wires in the front yard (side note:  as much as I appreciate his father, does my husband have to call him with every.single.issue?  like you can't decide for yourself if you want the cable to come through a closet or somewhere else?).  I drove to the barn (half an hour), loved on the Archman (ten minutes), drove back to the house (another half hour) and by then the Comcast guy was leaving and we were starved.  Woo for a Chinese restaurant two blocks away that stays open until 10.

While I was at the barn, I tried to make friends with a raccoon.  And then I adjusted Archie's fly boots, picked his hooves and pulled the braids out of his mane.  Oh, and left a check for the BO.

This looks really gross.  Is this what the inside of dreadlocks looks like?  Dirty?
The plan for today is for me to go to the barn and ride (because husband understands now that I can't go this long, I get bitchy bitchier).  He'll go to the apartment and load up more crap (IT'S INFINITE!), then we'll go home.

Expectations for this ride?  I just want to get on my pony and trot some circles.  And maybe, just maybe, jump him over a cross rail a time or two.  And then I want horse hugs and that little whoosh of horse breath and whiskers on my neck/arm/face/back/general vicinity.  And then I want to go to sleep.  (Farrier comes tomorrow - guess who's getting aluminums again!)

Random, because I thought it was hilarious.

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  1. I have a similar issue, raccoons, skunks and possums I typically think are cats in the dark and I try to get them to come to me...