I think that I'm invigorated by all the pleasant things going on in my life (the house, the dog door, Savannah's improved health, Archie's freaking self) that I want to continue to make good stuff happen.

Action shot!
Good girl!
You knew there would be screen shots from the webcams still, right?  This is out of our bedroom window.
Since I haven't gotten a call back about the barn that's tucked behind the feed store, I stopped by the feed store yesterday.  Except.. they were closed.  I could eyeball a little of the barn and I think it's bigger than I remember.  I only saw it once.  So, I guess I'll keep calling.  It would be insanely close to the house and on my way to and from work.

I've also been staying abreast of the Craig's List offerings.  The barn at which I took my dressage lessons is offering pasture board for $295 (includes feed, hay and wormer), which is $120 less than what I pay now.  And I know the lady there takes damn good care of her facilities.  I'll have to go back through my ''dressage'' posts and see what else I said about the place.

As far as the house itself goes, it's great.  Brick floors are kicking our butts, though.  How the hell do you keep that stuff clean?  D goes into a Type A/OCD mania as soon as he walks in and the house gets swept and swiffered and dusted before he can sit down.  Also:  eight million boxes still live in our garage, in lieu of our vehicles.  Annnnnd, the in-laws are coming back in town this weekend.  His grandparents will actually arrive on Friday.  I'm not excited, though D has promised that their house-warming gifts will really be for me (yard stuff!).

There's a lot of wooded areas in our neighborhood.  I wonder if anyone would notice if I fenced in an area and stuck my horse there.  D saw deer in the front yard the other day.. I could just say he's a really big buck.  :)
This is an old photo.  But, damn, I miss jumping.

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  1. Yeah no help on the Brick... but interesting, dressage place!

  2. No help with the brick... Hope one of the barns works out :)

    1. Hah, thanks! I have a feeling that L is going to do all the hard work for me and I'll just move to the magical barn she discovers. :)