Fantastic Friday

Thing I'm excited about:

  • Stopping by the natural foods store to get citronella oil (I've recently learned a method for making my own, however, my citronella plant needs to recover from winter before I start killing it) to make some fly spray for the Archer.
  • Riding the Archer.  (Our IHSA team had a chant.  It was "RIDE THE HORSE!!", but, in our magically inappropriate ways, said like someone special.)
  • Dinner with my friend K and my husband tomorrow night at a nice little spot that has good beer and great veggie options.  I haven't seen this chica in a really long time!  (Also, she just got the Skrillex half-shave and I'm insanely jealous.)
  • The yoga class I took last night with another friend!  I'm like the unofficially recruiter for my friends.  I knew she got a certification in yoga instruction, and I happened to see that my gym was hiring and bam, she's got the job.  So last night was her second class and she did great.  Also:  my little arthritic lower back felt amazeballs afterwards.
  • Getting paid!
  • D's dad finishing up the last of his primary to-do list tomorrow.  I hate to say this, but I am excited about focusing more on getting the house settled by ourselves.
  • A double-header on Sunday in soccer.  Less excited about the random running around, more excited about touching balls and burning calories.  And, most of our team should be there, which makes it a ton easier.
Ponykins is ready for some new fly gear.

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