I attempted to upload an app to my iPhone this weekend, only to be told that I lacked adequate space.  I have a 32 gig 4s.  And, oh, over 2,500 photos and videos.

So then I attempted to upload that multitude of media to my Mac, only to be told that I had inadequate space (3 gigs remaining - whoops).  And then I spent hours (okay, like two) moving 65 gigs of photos and videos and crap to my ginormous external drive, all so I could finish downloading an app that I haven't even opened yet.

The point of all this?  No pretty pictures for this post, because the iPhone is completely empty.  :)

So, normal weekend summation:


Rode three times!  Woo!  He got his shoe put back on Friday (....which I took a photo of), so I rode him that afternoon after work.  I knew he would be a little tender, so I tried to keep it basic.  Walk, trot, trying to get some conditioning work in.  I feel like we both could benefit from some longer rides and some longer trot sessions.  I did ask him to canter a few strides and he was fine on the left lead but exploded on the right.  Bucking, crow hopping, just being a giant turd.

Funny story, though:  there are loose dogs all around the barn, maybe because we're surrounded by mansions with large estates on a dead-end.  Anyways, one of the local labs came trotting into the pasture while I was riding.  Archie did the stop-and-stare, but was quickly motivated to keep going.  I tried to encourage the dog to go home, but she just grinned at me and kept going through the pasture.  About ten minutes later, I see her darting back through the pasture with naughty posture.  And she's got something in her mouth.  I had my glasses on, so it was pretty easy to discern that she had one of Archie's fly boots as a prize.  

After trespassing and having a broken, but charming, conversation with a landscaper, I was able to track down where the naughty lab lived and retrieved Archie's now-slobbery fly boot.  Woo!  She was so happy to see me, too.  (Side note:  their two labs were loose, but the pit bull was locked up.  No bueno.)

The ride on Saturday, which is our designated "downward transitions" day, took us out of the pasture.  It was more work on the dirt road followed by a long, brave walk around the property.  The gate was open to the driveway that the dirt road leads to, but was blocked halfway by a fallen tree.  

Yesterday, we did more long trotting with a little bit of canter.  I've got to work on the content of my cajones, because I'm absolutely wussing out on pushing him on things that are scary.  But, yeah, we had successful and pretty canter departs and the Kid pranced from the praise.  

I made another batch of fly spray, this time upping the amount of both citronella and mint and adding some actual leaves.  He got buzzed in the butt by a horsefly (woo, bucks!), so I think it needed to be stronger.

Fitness Stuff

I ran in a 5k on Saturday morning.  I hadn't run outside of soccer for two weeks prior, which was pretty evident.  My time was almost two minutes slower than it was for the same race a year ago.  I never cramp, but I cramped pretty badly for the entire second mile.  I didn't realize how taxing it is to cramp.  Blah.  But, turtles!  Woo!

Anyways, I spent the rest of the day vacillating from feeling good to feeling like shit.  And then the soccer game on Sunday.  I never really found my oompf and I took one ball really hard to the boob, which knocked the wind out of me for a second.  We won, though, even if my head was never in the game.  I've got great teammates!


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