Happy 5k & FOMO

I'd had it in the back of my mind that the deadline for the Happy 5k (previously mentioned here) was April 15th.  I signed on to the website yesterday just to double-check and was horrified to find out that it was.. uh.. today.

So, yesterday, after working eight hours, photographing four chihuahuas, two mix breeds and a cat, feeding the Archer his beet pulp and photographing his handsome dappled butt, and doing arms and shoulders at the gym, I ran 3.1 miles through the new neighborhood.  I got lost.  :)

They say that there's a syndrome that our generation (because, y'all, most of us are the same approximate age) suffers from called "Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)", which is why we religiously check our facebooks and our blogs and our Instagram feeds.  My husband has often teased me (or nagged or harassed) about my addiction to facebook.  We'll be sitting at dinner and I'll check it.  He'll be driving and I'll check it.  And it's not like anything on there is so overwhelmingly important that I need to read it right now.  So I used some of those two semesters of psychology and moved that icon into a folder on the second page of my iPhone, rather than in the bottom right corner, all prominent, on the front page.  And it's worked.  I will say, though, that Instagram might be my new facebook.

I do think that I suffer from another sort of wistfulness: races and shows.  If I hear about races and I don't sign up for them, I have a huge feeling of regret the day of... even if I didn't have extraneous money or didn't train or had other obligations, there's always a sad face for a moment.  Fortunately, it's less of an issue with horse shows, because I never hear about them.  The dressage barn used to keep a list of the shows they'd be attending for the year posted and that always made me sort of sad.  But, ultimately, "out of sight, out of mind."

This weekend, the in-laws return.  Evidently, the grandparents have purchased us all sorts of clipper stuff for the bushes in the yard, which, unfortunately, his parents had already bought us anyways.  Never too much of a good thing?  I hope to ride tonight, even though I'm supposed to meet them for dinner, but the rain may dictate the events today anyways.  But definitely squeezing in a ride tomorrow.  And Sunday, before soccer.

Yay for the weekend!

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  1. Oh ho ho until I move and I'm dragging you to any and all IHSA shows I can!