Oh, Wednesday.

What a random day.

The plan had been:  work, give Archie beet pulp, meet husband at gym and go home.

Instead, this happened:

Not pictured:  my skirt, where the lentils from this soup landed.
So I left work early, showered, changed, napped, and went and rode the Kid.  Where this happened:
Blue Horns.
Donkey Ears looks special.
So, I've never put a bonnet on before and I had to lean up his neck to reattach that string thing, like, three times.  Tips accepted.
And then the mane was finished!
Husband didn't really want to go to the gym, so we went home instead.  He hurt my feelings by telling me that I didn't need to bring every box inside.  Which prompted me going apeshit because I don't think he realizes exactly how much I've been able to accomplish in the past few days, just by bringing boxes inside. It goes back to a fundamental difference between us:  he can't tolerate for things to not be clean, whereas I would rather work now and clean when it's finished.

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  1. Aww soup shirt! Looks like someone needs their bonnet to be tailored!

  2. Moving is never fun but hopefully you guys will be out of boxes soon :)

  3. Love the purple ear bonnet :)

  4. Want to pull Henry's mane for me? :) I hate doing it! He was WAY to thick of a mane!

    Hope the moving/unpacking is as painless as possible!