On Friday, I went out to the barn to ride.  I was all sorts of excited.  And then it started thundering.  Is it one of my neurosis, or was everyone taught not to ride when it's thundering?  (It started raining about ten minutes later.)

In lieu of riding, I just groomed the Kid (confused him!) and ran some errands.  

The in-laws came for the third time in four weeks on Saturday.  I ran as many errands and hid in as many rooms as I could, but after lunch I still went AWOL to ride.  Which is when I discovered that Ponykins had thrown that left front.  Again.  Last time was in February.  

This got me thinking.

On my little ride on Monday, I mentioned that he undertracks on the right and overtracks on the left.  Obviously, it's not just my riding (which is to say:  a definite part of it could be me making it worse), or he wouldn't consistently pull the same exact shoe.  Unless there's something wrong with the hoof wall on the left front, but that's never been mentioned to me by any farrier and not something that I've noticed.  Anyways, to my point:  I think Mr. Gimpster is not lining up his hips.  Or is prone to overtrack naturally and something is impeding that with his right hind.  Either way, I think I'm going to mention it at the next vet visit and also at the next chiro visit.  While still asking the farrier if he has any suggestions to make.  Archie lives in bell boots, but maybe he needs a better brand or something.  

I also took the time on Saturday to make some fly spray.  It certainly smells like fly spray, albeit a hippie organic version with less of a chemical smell.  I can't speak to the efficiency of my formula yet, but will keep trying and adjusting as needed.  If you're curious, I took this recipe and doubled it.  (Wish I'd put my logo in the corner!)

Slightly ghetto in that I used extract instead of an essential oil, but I think it accomplishes the same thing.

Citronella essential oil.

A horribly blurry photo of the ingredients.

My citronella plant bloomed!
We ended up not seeing my friend for dinner because she was ill.  But Saturday wasn't a complete bust because we went shopping (essential oils and soaps) and had drinks and a great dinner.

Sunday, thanks to the curtains that I finally hung in the master, we slept in.  Then it was a mad dash to run a few more errands before I headed to the Humane Society to take photos.  Husband has taught me about his favorite cars, so when there was a Porsche Turbo in the parking lot, I gushed about it.  At the right time, because the owner heard my gushing and opened up the vehicle so I could photograph it.  I offered to send him the photos and I think I've made a future "modeling" connection.  He liked the photos I took and wanted to schedule a real photo shoot, a long with some of his friends with fancy cars.  

His Porsche next to my Subie.  
At the soccer game, we played a team we've never played before.  And they were nasty.  And our ref was blind.  Seriously, for a recreational game, it got dirty.  People were tripping and cleating and shoving.  We ended up tied for the first game and played a different team for the second game, who we stomped.  I think it was some of the residual aggression left over from the first game.  Woo.

Ps.  Ear bonnet issue solved.

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  1. my hubby is really into cars too (well it was his job for many years- i think he loves cars as much as i love horses... we both can vedge out to our car/horse magazines for hours picking out things we want to buy or reading articles lol)

    i'm interested to hear how your homemade fly spray works :)

  2. Yeah that just might be people without covered arenas since I ride in all weather (because we have a covered arena. I am interested in finding out how your homemade flyspray works too!

    Glad the In-Laws are gone for hopefully a little while and you can relax in your housie!

  3. Interested to read about the flyspray. My dad was opposed with classic cars. Glad you made cool connections :)