Rain & Stalking

So, yeah, the rain inspired my foray into more barn stalking.

The last barn I stalked was between work and home and would have been ideal.. except that they aren't accepting any boarders.  Big shady trees, old but maintained facilities, a round pen and a jump field.  Sigh.

I went out to the barn yesterday with all my riding stuff in hand, but the weather wasn't agreeable.  So I spent time picking his hooves and brushing out his tail while he ate his beet pulp.  It was a peaceful way to spend some time with my horse without having to ask anything of or expect anything from him.

Shiny butt.
On my way home, I swung by a property that my boss told me about.  He said that his wife used to get manure from them.  Unfortunately, the signs scared me off and I'm going to have to figure out another way to see if they board.  It's an adventure!

See, scary sign.
Possible horse pasture on right?

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  1. Gotta love some good shine!

  2. Just pretend you don't read english!

    1. Er.. I can't say "I can't read!" while I'm typing. Just can't.