Rode The Pony!

I went straight to the barn after work yesterday, as planned.  This is a new luxury that both my husband and I are seriously appreciating:  the doggy door.  Instead of hauling ass home and then to wherever we're going, we can just go straight there.  Which also means that once I'm home, I'm done for the day.  Stellar.

So I got to the barn at about 5:45 and BO was feeding.  Fortunately, she heard me pull up and just gave the Kid a handful.  I spent a few extra minutes grooming because what little winter coat he's got is blowing out.  (Also, Scarlette's winter coat is blowing out, too... all over the bedroom carpet.)

Our ride was pretty great.  I just wanted simple, but he gave me more than I asked for and before I knew it, my wunderkid was bending, round and felt like he was floating.  Until he Mack Trucked through my hands and tried to take off.  I did let him transition to a canter, but that transition was so smooth and so unexpected.  I just popped into two point and let him canter out a lap.  I didn't ask for it tracking right because my main intention was to jump a little and I wanted that to be our focus.  And, really, I just wanted to jump once and be done, but I sat in the saddle too soon after the first crossrail and caught him in the face, so I did it again to not catch him in the face and end on a good note.

After the ride, I cleaned him off and gave him all of his beet pulp and the rest of his dinner.  I wish I had some carrots cut, but the unchopped bag is still at the apartment (it's probably rotten by now).  I haven't stretched him in about a week.

On the house front, we still have eighty bajillion things to do.  Husband needs to finish hooking up the dryer, I need to finish painting the guest bathroom, and we need to get started on the boxes (as well as the furniture that's still hanging out in the garage.  I'm ready to really start living in this beautiful house.

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  1. Everytime I think of your house I get so excited! :D Glad you were able to get to ride and yah for a doggy door!

  2. Dog door seems awesome! Glad you got a nice ride in!