Rough Weekend.

Weather sucks.  Like bugs suck.  Roar.


I rode for all of an hour, combined, over three days.  On Friday, it was gnatty and gross and sprinkling.  On Saturday, I actually did get a really good ride in, because I put on my big girl britches.  Walk, trot, canter, crossrail.  Rinse, repeat.  No time to think, Mr. Pony.  The gnats were still really horrible, and I've absolutely got to do something about that before I attempt to ride this weekend.  Weather permitting, I'll be out there again today.

Sunday, I had negative time, so I barebacked him for about ten minutes before devoting my dwindling time to pulling his mane.  It is my shame to say that my horse currently has a half-pulled mane.  For reals.

Other Horses

My trainer/friend/BM from back home called me this weekend to ask about emergency dog medicine stuff (laceration to a joint).  After giving her recommendations and drug dosages (shh!), we talked ponies.  I absolutely miss this barn.  I'm glad that Archie is now out 24/7 and has a buddy, but those facilities! Having my choice of reputable horsewomen from whom I could glean information!  A wash rack and crossties and cleanliness!  Yeah, I miss it.

I found out details on how the Champion of the Barn, also known as Bugle Boy, passed.  I mentioned him here.  It was really a freak accident, or a combination of accidents.  They got a new boarder and he buddied up with the new guy.  One night, he got kicked.  It sounded like the kick landed on the inside of his elbow - or inside the clavicle.  It was fine and then it wasn't and rads showed that it had gone from being okay to being a spiral fracture.  It just stresses, to me, the importance of appreciating every good day.  Who's to say how many there will be.

Other Life Stuff

Soccer:  It was raining (like, actively raining) and the gnats were still out.  It was one of those life moments that I hope I retain forever:  standing on a sodden field, swatting bugs, loving life.  We only had one sub.  And we totally should not have tied - we should have won that game.  I got to touch the ball a few times and did this one amazing shot that will never, ever be replicated:  over the opponent and right to my teammate, over a span of about fifteen feet.  Like a bounce.  Oh, and at some point in the game I got a goose egg on my arm.  Wha?

House:  The in-laws came in to town.  I don't want to gripe, but D and I had to spend a minute discussing the fact that we haven't had a weekend to just live in our fucking house, between company coming and settling things at the old apartment.  He put it into perspective for me:  we have thirty years to live in this house, the novelty of which will wear off for everyone else pretty soon.  So I should be more appreciative of the help that I don't want, because I'll regret turning it away eventually.  Gah, that man.  (Also, yes, his Oma did buy us a $400 lawn mower, which I love, even though everyone had to watch and critique me mowing the entire lawn.) (But!  I got to mow our own lawn!)

This weekend called for alcohol.
Humane Society:  I took photos again.  Another volunteer was there, walking dogs, and asked me why I was taking photos on a glum, drizzly day.  And I realized that I've gotten to a point with my camera and my understanding, that the weather doesn't really matter.  Sure, straight sunlight still sucks.  But overcast?  Yes, please!  Oh:  another volunteer was carrying a chihuahua that I had missed in my photo-taking last time.  She set the leash-less dog on the ground, saying that it wasn't going to go anywhere, when it immediately bolted.  Someone told someone on the inside that there was a loose dog and, I shit you not, a dozen employees immediately came running out of the building, all with leashes.  I was super impressed.  (They caught her.)

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  1. Before... During! At least you're working on it, mine is a woolly mammoth.

  2. Sounds like it will be very welcomed when you guys are settled in and get some down time. Exciting to mow your very own yard though!!! :)

  3. So sad about Bugle Boy and I hate that we have to appreciate everyday in a way.. stupid ephemeral-ness.