Short & Sweet

I was supposed to meet the farrier at 11:00 this morning to reattach the Kid's thrown shoe.  He called me at 10:45 to say that he'd already reattached the shoe, so I turned around and slowly meandered back to work. We're trying clips on that front left, even though the farrier doesn't really think it'll help.  I didn't grasp the full gist of the conversation, but the Archer's front feet are shaped differently.  The right is dished and the left is normal.  So, something about the positioning of the shoes makes the good one easier to grab?  Maybe?

Things this weekend:  (because bullets are fun!)
→ riding Archie tonight
→ running a 5k on the beach tomorrow to benefit turtles.  I love turtles.
→ outlet shopping with the hubs
→ mowing my own lawn again, this time without supervision!
→ bonding time with the Subie, to aid in her recovery.  :)
→ dinner with my friend
→ photos at the Humane Society
→ soccer!

And to end, because you're awesome and everyone deserves this.

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  1. Hope that the shoe stays on. Hue's front feet are different shapes too. Doesn't seem to cause us any issues though.

  2. Sounds like an action packed weekend!