Still Sleepy.

So the Archer had aluminums put back on Wednesday.

I rode on Friday.  It had just stopped pouring and the ground was disgusting and little tenderfoot didn't ever fully use his stride.  I was very, very concerned that I had fucked myself by demanding the aluminums and that I'll have to go crawling back and ask for the steels.  We'll see.  Groveling tastes good.

I rode on Saturday, too, after running a million errands, working out at the gym, and doing all that madness.  He was better and I think that most of what I was feeling was his reaction to the shoes.  Like maybe he has to readjust and it's a slower process for a body that's twice as old as it was when he initially got the different shoes.  He was also high as a kite and had a hard spook at something invisible.  After pushing him through our conditioning down transition ride (I think he'll be able to count to fifteen pretty soon), I pulled him into a collected trot and worked on lateral movements.  After that, the Kid was stellar.

He looks so sleepy and sad here.  :(
He didn't intentionally have Sunday off, but I never had the time to ride.  The husband and I slept an uninterrupted eleven hours (any indication of how stressed/busy/overwhelmed we've been?) and there just weren't enough hours in the day between finishing the apartment, eating, taking Humane Society photos, dropping an Outback-load of stuff at Goodwill and playing soccer (we lost).

The plan is to ride tonight and see how he feels.  I wonder how much of it is in my mind.  We also have the in-laws coming back this weekend to do more work, so, in an effort to actually look like we've done something, we're planning on cracking into some of those boxes that have taken over the garage.  I've gotten all of about 10% complete.  :)
Between donating and soccer, hanging out with my camera at Lake Mayer.
Funny story:  it tried to fall off.  

Lots of beer this weekend.

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