Today, after cantering my Thoroughbred down the dirt road, exhilarated at our partnership, I looked down at my iPhone to gauge the time.  As I was embracing my relationship with my horse, across the continent, another relationship was changing.

You never really lose loved ones.  Things shift.  I don't believe in god, but I believe in love.  I believe in the capacity of the human heart and the human mind.

Go hug your horses.

(and send some love to L.)

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  1. Saw your comment over at Viva Carlos.

    The quote you left absolutely sums up my view of the "afterlife." I can't tell you how many times I've tried to explain how "energy is neither created nor destroyed" is enough for me...

    So glad to find your blog. :D

    1. I wish that the first law was a simpler equation, because I would absolutely get it tattooed somewhere. I think I found this quote originally on the facebook group, "I fucking love science." If you haven't seen it before and you use FB, check it out.

      And welcome to my little blog! Archie and I aren't very fancy, but my language is pretty colorful. That counts, right?