Monsieur Ponykins.

Rebekah, you should write stuff.

On Tuesday, after work, I earned my Wifely Bonus Points for the year.  Seriously.  At the banquet, I'll be getting a giant gold star.  And for years, when he goes to tell people about the time I drunkenly threw up in his car (I'm a winner!), I'll counter with the story of the Trash Can.  It's too horrific to share.

The point of all this is to say that I was doing hella damage control at the house to keep the stomach virus/flu/demon exorcism contained and couldn't afford the time to see Mr. Ponykins.

I made it up on Wednesday.  After hurriedly photographing a slew of kittens (known as a "kindle", versus the adult version of "clowder") and one dog, I ran to the barn.  I brushed him out pretty quickly and gave him the prerequisite face scritches before pulling him out of the pasture and climbing a fence to get on him bareback.  It was just a quick walk to the road and back down to the meadow.  No spooks or stupidity, just one sudden stop and stare.

I tried to maintain good leg position and contact, rather than just flopping the beastly thighs wherever and letting the toes ram tree trunks.  And, man, it takes some work.  My inner thighs were not happy.  Then I got concerned that I was gripping too much with my thighs and not enough with my calves, so I did giant awkward spread-eagles to loosen those muscles and readjust.  Good pony.

Since I had the camera in the car, I took some photos of the Kid.  He's my favorite subject.  :)  Side note:  emailed these to myself, downloaded them on the iPhone (which has never been an issue before), uploaded them via the updated blogger app and they came out super pixelated.  I mean, they're low res anyways because I didn't change the settings on my camera from the web-ready HS photos, but I've never had them look that bad.  Re-downloaded on the desktop and uploaded that way and they were much improved.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! When I bought him, I didn't know enough to appreciate how well he's made. I do now. :)

  2. He is a handsome man and I think you will win wife of the year, I wouldn't do what you did for Jordan lol