On Today's Episode

of, "Things at the Barn that Might Kill Me."

I have a weakness for wild blackberries.  To the point that I didn't wash these, I just blew them off and shoved them in my face.
Is this Poison Ivy?  I can never tell.  But you see the proximity to the berries, right?

I normally have no issue with spiders.  Except there isn't a functional light in the bathroom right now and this little guy startled the shit out of me.

On Wednesday, I went out to the barn to do a quick little bareback ride.  I'd forgotten my camera, so there was no going to the Humane Society to take photos.  I'd also forgotten to purchase more witch hazel and ACV, so I was completely out of fly spray.  I still haven't bought stuff, but I did get some legit spray from SmartPak yesterday, along with shims for the Contender II.  So the peaceful trail ride that I was anticipating through the woods turned into a stop/lurch/scratch/shake/fts ride.  S'ok.  I'll make it up today.
This makes me feel pretty okay about my positioning and pretty horrible about my grooming.

Bringing sexy back.

My little blue devil is just so damn handsome.

Except for the sudden rain rot on his rear cannons.  Gross.

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  1. Stop posting spider pictures! Blech!

    Yes give your pony a thorough show groom lol.

  2. Omg I can't ride bareback in shorts I think I would fall apart. Lol

  3. I agree with L. Williams! No more spiders. The berries look fabulous though.

  4. that shorts/dirt picture is awesome! :) Great way to show you your position for sure!

    Henry has that crap on his back legs, I always thought it was from their pee splashing up... I scrub it but can never seem to get it all gone :(

    1. I *think* I might have sufficiently treated it. I scraped it all off (fun process!) with my nails and a hoof pick until all the scabs were gone. Then I sprayed with some scarlet oil every other day for three days. Here's hoping!

    2. I'll have to try that! I always scrape it off with my nail and then scrub it with anti-fungal shampoo.