Periodic Maintenance

I stay pretty busy.  I think I've mentioned that ad nauseum on this blog.  So, yesterday, when D said that he didn't want to go to the gym and the ground was still wet, I opted to not ride.  Instead, I caught Mr. Wanderer, cleaned him up and gave him his beet pulp and a few carrots.  Since he wears the fly boots 24/7, I like to make sure that things haven't gotten trapped in there.

In my inspections yesterday, I noticed two things:

  • Though the rain rot on his cannons has cleared, he has (had?) a patch above the outside of his right hock.
  • The bell boot on his left front is rubbing, potentially from all the times he's thrown that shoe.
I cleaned up and treated the hock rain rot, spraying all his little ouchies with more scarlet oil.  He's also got a giant bug bite in the folds of his left elbow, but I knew about that and have been watching it. It's absolutely disgusting and I can't tell which bug does it, but it's almost like a boil.  It gets big and oozy and just.. gross.  Yay, ponies!

Since I'd found the rain rot in multiple places, I took all my brushes home for a deep cleaning.  I didn't have any bleach on hand, so I used two different cleaners and scrubbed the snot out of them.  I also cleaned the neoprene on his ankle boots, which I think classifies me as a shitty horse mom... because I can't remember the last time I did that.

So now I'm left with deciding what to do about the bell boot rub.  I could take them off for a few weeks, give the skin the opportunity to heal or I could just get new ones.  Oh.. no.. buying horse stuff.
Davis Boots
I think everyone has used Davis velcro boots, right?  They're good for a little while and then they slowly start a painful death where the velcro either disintegrates or the thread/glue/magic dissolves.  But they're cheap!  $19!

Walsh Fleece
I've never used/heard of Walsh.  The reviews are 4/5.  What appeals to me is the fleece, though I question functionality because I'm not sure that it's the top that's rubbing and not the skinnier inner piece.  It's an option, though.  $30.
Horze Ribbed
These suckers are a whopping $14.  The reviews aren't great: short and cheap, which defeats the purpose.

Horze Neoprene
I'm not sure what I think about these.  I've never liked the idea of a whole lot of neoprene because of the potential to trap heat, but it probably doesn't rub.  $20.
Equi-Stretch Ribbed
$13.  Okay reviews:  the one with words says that she got them for her TB, that they don't rub like the harder ones, but probably wouldn't survive turnout.
Centaur Ribbed PVC
I think these would rub the snot out of him.  Love the colors, though!  $9.
Dover Fleece Lined
Someone make this decision for me.  Oh, wait.  I think the reviews on Dover just did:  no rub, holding up, great, etc. $19.  WINNER!

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  1. If you ever want to go the no-velcro route, Centaur pull ons are nice - no rubbing, stay on (as long as the horse has shoes - barefoot they come off easily) and once broken in they are easy to take on and off.

    As for velcro ones - I had the ones with the fleece around the top. Fiction destroyed them in a few days. Plus they are an absolute horror in the mud.

    1. I didn't think about mud! I was leaning towards velcro because I thought they'd be easier. He's got some rando pull on ones right now. I know pull on is supposed to last longer, but velcro is just so much easier! I'm gonna have to take the mud into consideration because there is definitely mud and he tromps in it.

  2. I had the fleece Dover ones just for riding Bobby in (no t/o) and the velcro only lasted a couple of months. I've always found the Davis ones to rub awfully. Bobby's currently in the Centaur velcro and they are TOUGH. Super thick rubber (no rubs so far and he's a sensitive princess), and the velcro itself is super thick.

    1. Hmmmm. If your ponykins is a princess and they don't hurt him, I might have to take the Centaurs more seriously.

  3. Winner winner chicken dinner!

  4. I love the pull ons! They have never caused rubs and will stay on forever! I've tried so many other Velcro ones, from cheap to expensive, and nothing is better than the $9 pull ons.

    1. Yeah, Archie has pull ons right now and they've lasted for absolutely ever, but that damn rub has me concerned. :(

  5. I use the gummy rubber pull on ones. Just bought a new pair for $15. Didn't like the Horze version - they tear easily and didn't protect his shoes.

  6. Houston lives in bell boots so I have always used pull ons. Typically I opt for Roma as they are cheaper but last go around I splurged on bevals in hopes they will last longer. We shall see. Walsh typically makes really nice products.