Even though our week hadn't gone as planned, we still threw the schedule away last night.  What's one more night?

I ran to the barn after work to give the Archer his beet pulp.  My next SmartPak shipment will start him on his double-dosing of OneAC and then, when the temperature regularly hits 90º, I'll start giving him beer again.  I'm trying to figure out the logistics, since I no longer have the luxury of being three minutes away from the Kid.

So after a quick hug and a promise to see him today, I met the husband for a little dinner.  And then we headed downtown.

If you ever get the opportunity to see a Cirque Du Soleil performance, even just the traveling show like we saw, do it.  It was beautiful and moving and well worth the cost.  We had great seats (especially considering how cheap they were) and were immersed in the performance.  I walked out of there wanting to take dance lessons and to improve my fitness and flexibility.  Okay, so there might never be a reason for me to put my foot behind my head.  Still.

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  1. Love Cirque! I've seen one traveling show and one in Vegas - so much fun :)

    1. I wish we'd seen some shows when we were in Vegas! We did get to see a private concert with KT Tunstall, but the rest of the time was spent at the slot machines.