You Gots Some Purty Feets.


When I went to the barn yesterday after work, BO was stressing out over the installation of a new keypad locking system for the tack room door.  I don't think she's very excited about the purchase - at least, not nearly as excited as me.

I checked out Archie's shoes while spraying him with fly spray.  And grabbed the old shoes to do Pinterest-inspired craft fails.  It's going to be amazing.

His hooves are looking better these days, which makes me want to kick myself for having taken him off the SmartHoof two months ago.  Money, money, where'd you go?

I also discovered that, in addition to the new bell boots (thanks for all the input, guys!), homey needs new fly boots.  I had them on when the farrier came and when I came back, the farrier had taken them off and BO had put them back on.  So, one wrap was scrunched around the ankle and when I found the second wrap, all of the velco straps had been ripped off.
Right front.

Left front.
If the flooding stops, the plan is to go ride after taking animal photos.  My butt and legs are killing me from the gym workout yesterday, but this different movement should help.

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  1. Ooo, his feet look good. I need to grab some of Simon's old horse shoes for crafts!

    1. Hah, we can do a Pinterest-inspired horse shoe challenge!

  2. You can just sew the velcro back on, also Smartpak sells them in 4 packs :)

    1. Yeah, these are actually from a 4-pack I bought from SmartPak when we first moved here. That brings the cost per season per boot to $2.50, so I feel comfortable scrapping the fugly suckers. :)