Big Money, Big Money.

I spent a whopping $65 on our shopping adventure on Saturday.  Can I just say, I never knew consignment tack stores actually existed?

Tack N Tow's Consignment Room

From my shopping list last week, I've marked through what I actually got:
  • extra bell boots
  • consignment clothes (breeches, show shirt, etc.  I might even go through my crap tonight and see what I can get rid of.)
  • front boots
  • possible boots for me (this is on the bottom of the list, as I really like my synthetic stuff)
  • a new halter and lead rope for the Kid
A million britches, the majority of which wouldn't go beyond my calves.
Boot bin in the consignment room.
The total list:
  • A pair of mustard yellow polos that I think are going to be totally hot on my bay - $4
  • A full set of baby blue polos, to match his new bell boots - $6
  • A quarter sheet in navy that has been well-loved by someone else - $12
  • Four breeches, assorted brands (one TS) - $13
  • A rust orange lead rope that I think will look quite nice with his blue halter - $14
  • A set of fleece lined boots for the Kid - $10
  • A navy blue baseball cap that says "Let's Ride" - $1
  • Free samplers of Eqyss Marigold spray and a leather conditioner - $0
Dollar bin.
Bridle bin.
I wonder how quickly Archie would lose his shit.
(Yeah, WTF am I going to do with white breeches?)

This is when you go, Don't you live in Georgia?
Zia's Tequeria

Between the two tack stores, we went to the little Mexican restaurant.  It was quite nice, if a little pricey.  At the second tack store, I found this:

It's a 17" Collegiate Senior Event for $200.  It seems like it's in really good condition and the leather is considerably more supple and forgiving than my Stubben.  Per my husband, I'm supposed to "sit on it" and measure it against the Stubben.  I think I'm already sold.  :)  
I actually really like Weaver because they do the brushed nickel in lieu of brass.
Free stuff.
After the second tack store, we stopped off at Patriot's Point.  Military history isn't my thing, but the husband knew all about it.  And THIS HAPPENED:

He's just so damn handsome.
We finished our adventure by dropping nearly $150 at Trader Joe's, which is full of beautiful, tasty and magical things.

The Kid, looking smarmy in his new (to us) boots.  

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  1. You made out like a bandit! Sa-weeeet! The horse head pic made me lol. So awkward haha.

    1. I had to take a photo of it! "Let's mount this here horse-head on the entrance wall, by golly, so people know that we sell horse-heads."

  2. I told your TJ's is amazing, I can't spend less then $150 when I go there. Also your made out like a bandit at the tack store for sure.

    1. Dude. The fruit chews, the shave cream, the chapstick, the veggie burgers, the dog treats, the hand lotion, the asparagus. We actually brought a cooler because we knew we would be purchasing cold stuff.

  3. Love TJ's!!

    Wow you did great at the tack stores and stayed on a budget! :)

  4. I looooooooooove consignment tack stores! Also for what it's worth, my first saddle was a Collegiate Senior Event and it was perfect for fox hunting, trail riding, etc. Loved it. The older ones are very good quality, but the new ones not so much.

    1. Glad to hear good reviews of the Collegiate! I've only seen the newer ones, so I'm excited that people know about this older one. I'm also excited that someone had the foresight to list out all the model numbers so I could figure out what it was.

  5. The older Collegiates are awesome- so comfortable and so well made.

    1. I appreciate the vote of confidence for this saddle! I don't know much about the brand, but it fit me well and looked very well made. Like I could pass it off as more than a $200 saddle. :)