Archie would like for me to let everyone know that I do his beauty a huge disservice by not putting forth sufficient effort in grooming him prior to taking photos of him.  He says that while clean ponies have the right, nay, the obligation to get dirty as quickly as possible, exceptions are to be made when the camera comes out.

Mr. Shiny.
Mr. Shiny Butt.

It was thundering when I got to the barn last night.  After last Monday, when my horse tried to kill me, I wasn't taking any chance.  I actually changed out of my Tevas and put on my assorted paddock boots (yeah, mental note, ORDER MORE BOOTS) and just groomed the Kid.  Slowly, methodically, using the soft rubber curry and my little kid's body brush until he shone.  I got licks and chews from the effort.

No snarls.
Rubs from the old bell boots are much improved.

Gray hairs.  :(

Kindred spirit.

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  1. He has claws too! Mexi sprouted claws out of her heels a while back and I momentarily panicked before I was told it was nbd, hahah.

    1. Dude, WHAT ARE THOSE?! I've noticed them before and wondered if it was a reaction to the bell boots or dirt or just random fucking calcification. Are they actually called claws?

    2. I'm not sure if they have a technically name. Claws sounds right to me.

      Mex has never worn bell boots, they just showed up randomly. I made a thread on COTH about it, il have to dig it up. The farrier just clipped them off the next time he was out, I guess. Haven't seen them since.

    3. http://www.chronofhorse.com/forum/showthread.php?316607-So-my-horse-seems-to-have-sprouted-claws-from-her-heels-Anyone-*Pics-Added*

  2. Henry has gray hairs too!!! We must be stressing them out ;)

    1. Okay, your pony actually does stuff. Like jumping and asked-for counter canter. And canter. Mine just walks and trots and occasionally is asked to canter or plop over a crossrail. He's got no excuses.

  3. His tail is beauteous.

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