Land of Milk and Honey

This week has been crap for riding.

On Monday, we had thunder and grossness.  On Tuesday, I had a gym date with my husband.  Wednesday, a fucking deluge threatened to wipe out roads.  Last night, I had yoga.  But!  Tonight, I will ride!  (Hopefully.)

All Wheel Drive at its best.  Right side of the road was starting to meet with the creek.
(Safe driver award for the year.)
Dirt road I often ride on.
This has given me time to do some much-needed (and husband-despised) cleaning of saddle pads and my fleece girth.  I didn't have good results when I took my stuff to the laundromat last time.  Ten dollars, an hour of my life, poorly cleaned, and shame at leaving a dirty washer all coupled together to make me prefer to wash my crap at home.  I'll probably still take the blankets to the laundromat, but pads et al can be done at home.

Tomorrow, my husband has consented to drive me the two hours to Charleston.  I don't think my ancient, decrepit and adorable Subie would make it there and back in one piece.  Maybe she would.

The point of the day trip?

I recently discovered that Charleston is a boon of equestrian activity.  Not only do they have a Tractor Supply, which we don't, they've got multiple tack stores, barns and trainers.  There's even a website detailing all this stuff.

One of the tack stores, the Island Tack Shack (adorbs, right?), even does consignment.  I'm going to take an old pair of tall boots to see if they meet their standards.

Things I hope to acquire:

  • extra bell boots
  • consignment clothes (breeches, show shirt, etc.  I might even go through my crap tonight and see what I can get rid of.)
  • front boots
  • possible boots for me (this is on the bottom of the list, as I really like my synthetic stuff)
  • a new halter and lead rope for the Kid

After all of that shopping, we're going to eat lunch at a little Mexican restaurant I yelped.  And wander the Ikea (which we don't have) and the Trader Joe's (which we also don't have).  Annnnnd maybe go by the Apple store to see if I actually like the newest iPod Nano ( I even need to say that we don't have an Apple store, either?).

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  1. That sounds like an awesome day. Can't wait to read about it and (hopefully) all the loot you acquire. Really seems that you've lucked out in the hubby department, btw. :) PS. Mexican is my fav too. It's been hard to find a good place here in CT, but finally I've found one that meets my standards. Yippee!

    1. I told my husband that someone on the interwebs complimented him on his willingness to spend four hours in a car so I can buy horse crap. His response? "Oh, that trip? I canceled it." :)

  2. I think among the *very* few things I miss of FL, Mexican food is in my top 4. There's no really good Mexican food in Maryland, which is kind of shocking considering the cultural diversity up here. Go figure.
    Hope the weather improves so you can ride, & that you have a super awesome time in Charleston and find everything you are looking for! :D

    1. Thanks! I think Mexican food here is really generic and Americanized, but that doesn't mean that it isn't good! Not much I love more than a big beer and some chips and salsa with a little bit of queso.

  3. YOU WILL LOVE TRADER JOES! Man you are making it sound kinda okay that I am not moving to Sav'h, you guys have nothing (but at least you have a Target!). Though I still want to visit.

    1. I was wrong about one thing: they don't have an Ikea. But they have everything else. I mean.. my old city didn't have this stuff either (except an Apple store - Augusta has that; oh, and tack stores), so I guess I don't know what I'm missing. Or maybe I don't want to know what I'm missing.

  4. Sounds like it will be a fun trip!! :) Horse shopping, lunch and the hubby- what else do you need?