Nat'l Running Day 2013

It feels like I just wrote this post, but, alas, it's been a year.

I haven't been running nearly as much this year as I had at this point last year.  I think it's the stress of having moved coupled with the lack of time.  Going to see my Ponykins eats a chunk of time each evening.  Boo.

In recognition of the day, though, I woke my lazy ass up earlier than normal (and normal is late) and pumped out a mile in under ten minutes (WOO!).  It's my second run in the neighborhood since we moved.

So, to follow last year's post:


I've been listening to the same damn album on repeat since I discovered it.  I've been listening to it for everything: riding, walking to the car, lifting weights, and when the radio annoys me.  The band is called "In This Moment" and the song that hooked me was "Adrenalize."  It's.. uh.. not going to appeal to everyone and probably isn't safe for work.  You know what?  Don't watch it.  Just play it for your husband/SO, and you're welcome.

Otherwise, the playlist:

  • Wait So Long - Trampled by Turtles
  • Black Magic Woman - Santana
  • Dystophia - Shangri-La
  • My Body - Young the Giant
  • Grounds for Divorce - Elbow
  • Hate and Jealousy - Lucero
  • Cassius - Foals
  • Run Daddy Run - Pistol Annies
  • Only Prettier - Miranda Lambert
  • Cinderella Man - Eminem
  • Free Until They Cut Me Down - Iron & Wine
  • Never Enough - Eminem
  • No Love - Lil Wayne & Eminem
  • Won't Back Down - Pink & Eminem
  • Resistance - Muse
  • Love and Memories - OAR
  • Dirty Paws - Of Monsters and Men
  • Assassin - John Mayer
  • Blow Me - Pink
  • Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson


Cyclemeter!  Woo!  Read this post to learn more about my favorite magical app for tracking all the random stuff I used to do and do less of now.  Sad face.
Today's run.


I've accrued more "work-out appropriate" tank tops and running tops in the last year.  Two from the Adidas outlet.  Two from the half-marathon.  One from Academy Sports.  And a few long-sleeve shirts that are almost immediately discarded because I get hot. My favorite pants to run in are still capris designed for that purpose, but I haven't been able to locate them since we moved.  I thought all the mad weight lifting would help tone my inner thighs, but I still prefer longer shorts that neither ride up nor allow my chub to rub.


Back at the expo for the half-marathon, I won a pair of Brooks running shoes.  I've done two 5ks in these shoes and not much else.  They are the Glycerins and I find them to be both supportive and comfortable.  Good shoes!  


Uh.  Er.   I guess my neighborhood.  It's actually a "community" and there are multiple neighborhoods all wrapped up together.  But there is plenty of space in which to run and seeing the Saturday morning joggers out on the sidewalk by the main road was one of the first things that drew me in.

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