Partial Book Review: Dressage for the Not-So-Perfect Horse

It's "partial" in that I'm not giving you a bit of my entire review, rather that I only reviewed part of the book.  Sure, I can easily chomp down six novels in a week, but give me something non-fiction and my brain slows to a crawl.

Dressage for the Not-So-Perfect Horse.
I think she meant "asshole", but that wouldn't sell as well.

So, uh, I reviewed this book while being driven on the shuttle from my parking garage to my office.  That being said, don't expect much.  Here are some pictures of some paragraphs and charts that I appreciated in the first four chapters.  Also, did you know that a raised mane is a sign of a relaxed poll?  Or a supple poll?  Maybe I should have read more before I started spewing off trivia.
Poll exercises.

If you can read this, props to you.

That big heading that is partially chopped off says "Find an Instructor."

What shall we do with a drunken sailor?

Drunken sailor, drunken sailor.
Hint.  On the previous two photos, the ideal is "A".

I think Archie is B or D.

I've never thought about how this stuff should be taught or should progress.  This is interesting to know.

I love the last paragraph: 
This horse must learn that the line of travel is sacred.  When you can keep the horse on the line of travel, you will win.  It doesn't matter right now what gait you are in.

Overall, I mean, as "overall" as four chapters skimmed gets you, I think it's a very good book.  I'll be purchasing it, since someone else in my library system has put it on hold and I can no longer keep it sitting in the back seat of the Subie, gathering dust and horse hair.

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  1. Let me know how it is when you read through it a bit further - it looks interesting, but right now I'm so far behind in the books I have that I don't want to add on another!

    1. Hah. I'll check out a bunch from the library and then never touch them.

  2. Goodness they love pyramids more then the egyptians!

    1. I think I needed more pyramids in my life. I'm going to start incorporating this in my daily life.

  3. Hmm, I've had that sitting on my Amazon wish list for awhile. If you get it, review more!

    1. Agreed! Tell is more as you read on.

    2. :) I'll probably just check it back out from the library and maybe devote a few more minutes to skimming it. Let's not kid ourselves.