Pup Crawl (edited)

Last night was another Pup Crawl through the Humane Society at which I volunteer.  I really wish they weren't on weekdays, but eh.  It's cheap and it gets us out and walking and talking with people who have commonalities.  Also, I like keeping the cups, even though I think I lost the ones from last night.

Before the event, though, I ran by the barn to give his highness his beet pulp and check him out.  I've been doing dehydration checks on him every day and hosing him when it seems appropriate.  I don't know why, but I'm more anxious this year than I was last year about him not sweating.  I'll be picking up a few cases of Steel Reserve from Wally's World soon (tonight? tomorrow?) and start him on that.  I'm sure he won't mind. :)

BO is also doing some stinking awesome stuff lately.  I don't know if she's found more time or what, but she's started rotating stalls so they can dry out and rotating the two water troughs, to inhibit the growth of algae and funk.  Oh, and picking up more manure around the hay piles and feeding the hay in different places.  I'm just impressed.
Handsome husband.

He's not really frowning.

Flexing.. again.

Sorta cute.

I told him that the hat matched his shirt.  :)

I don't know what this is, but it was in the Lincoln Logs.

My fort.
Added:  whilest I was a bit tipsy, I overheard three women speaking in French.  Normally, I keep my mouth shut and let strangers enjoy themselves (as much as I can), but D wasn't there to restrain me and a "Vous etes Francais?" flew from my mouth.  After they replied with the affirmative, I spoke garbled French at them until realizing that their English was years above my French.  With good reason:  French ladies who had moved to London.  They had an interesting trip planned: after landing in the States in Miami, they drove up to Savannah.  Today would take them to Charleston, later to Macon and eventually to New Orleans.  I asked why they drove versus flying or taking a train (we do actually have a few train routes down here!) and it was to see more.  I hope that they have an amazing time, that we Southerners are hospitable and that they love my deep South as much as I do.  Bon voyage!

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  1. Sounds like a fun pub crawl! Love your fort :)

    1. Thanks! I used to build that stuff all the time!

  2. I wish the Humane Society over here would do something like that! Sounds like you guys had a blast. :)

    1. Suggest it! They may never have had the idea! ...Though, it might be my-city exclusive because we're allowed to walk through the big chunk of the downtown area with open containers.