14 Hours.

So, on Boarder 2.0?  I'm all sorts of more confused now.  The plan was for the new horse to arrive on Sunday "after lunch".  (Side note:  I asked BO to let me know what time.  She said that she had church in the morning, so it would be in the afternoon.  When I asked what time in the afternoon, she started telling me her plans for Friday and Saturday nights.  If it was meant to distract me, it worked.)  I got a text on Saturday, while I was tacking up Archie and waiting for the rain to stop, that the new horse wouldn't be coming on Sunday.  It just said, "The new horse is not coming tomorrow."  It didn't say that the new horse was never coming or when the new horse was actually coming.  My little mental system is all in limbo now.

As far as riding Mr. Ponykins went, we had one really good, long ride on Friday.  It was pretty much just our laps in the pasture followed by going out in the dirt road.  Back and forth, back and forth.  I think he thought he was done and I asked for the canter and he, of course, pitched a fit.  Silly pony.

Because it was raining on Saturday, I tossed the Wintec-Bates magical dressage saddle on him.  I don't remember the last time I rode in it, but I did something with the stirrup irons and quickly realized that my peacock on my left stirrup iron was ineffectively pointed towards the inside.  Eh.  We walked a couple laps and then worked on a collected trot, sitting.  It's been ages since I put any sort of effort into that.  My little cheap dressage saddle made it super easy, though.

Yesterday, the hubs and I ran our million errands and I didn't get out to the barn until seven last night.  I rode for about half an hour, working on the downward transitions.  He had one moment when he spooked and I just stayed calm, circled and kept him going.  I'm going to have PTSD about tracking right, though.  Still, one spook for all the grossness, the late time of day, the thunder and the traveling golf carts?  I'm okay with that.
Such a good pony.

In other life stuff, the fourteen hours?  Between the holiday, vacation time I'm taking, and a dentist appointment this morning, that's the total number of hours that I will have worked this week.  Husband and I are going back to Charleston on Wednesday (SADDLE!) and going to the aquarium.  Then we're going to be grown ups and do stuff around the house on the holiday, with maybe a venture out to see some fireworks.  Friday, we all have appointments.  Saturday, we hope to see Lady Chabliss.  This should be a good week!

Project from Friday night - a place for all those bibs.  

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  1. After reading this ignore my gchat question about work this week lol. And yay Lady Chabliss I actually know who that is!

  2. Your BO sounds like so much fun lol!

    Yay for the saddle and little work this week!