Gimme Drugs.

After my mom left to drive back home, we took the dogs to their vet appointment.  I really like this vet because she understands my background and speaks to me on that level.  We discussed the giant dog fuck up at length.  What she thought caused it, how I thought it happened, and the resulting actions I was taking.

I gotta say, the only silver lining to this tragedy is that she affirmed that I am doing everything right.  I got giant props for having taken all the proper steps - the banishment, the micro-control of the steps through the house and the pharmaceuticals.  I asked for her advice about re-introducing the dogs to the cats (and got praise for acknowledging that it would be a re-introduction) and she really had nothing to offer than to take it slow.  So, I asked about tethering and she thought it was a great idea, but that only Scarlette would really need it. 

The plan is to start Scarlette on anti-depressants.  Then the dogs will be able to come in to the main part of the house for half an hour, but Scar will be tethered to me.  The next day, we'll do an hour.  And we'll progress from there until we're back to our normal amount of time.  After a week or two, Scar will no longer be tethered.

The big unexpected perk to this medication is that it will help address her OCD.  Did I mention that my bat-shit cray cat-killing senior dog has OCD?  Yeah.  She licks the walls nightly and until she's panting.

Give one capsule every 12 hours to help with anxiety disorders, OCD, aggression and phobias.  This may cause drowsiness.

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  1. I don't know how people deal with special ed animals. I hope she likes the drugs and makes life easier for you!

    1. Awww.. she's not sped.. she's just special! And my cat, Lizzie Borden, is also special. :)

  2. Props to you for dealing with all this in the right manner!!!

  3. You have great instincts/knowledge with what to do with them. Hope the drugs help!

  4. I'm glad the vet is on board and reassuring.

  5. Hope this resolves everything.