Pony Picture Time.

On Saturday, before the shit hit the proverbial fan, I convinced my fair-skinned, bug-attracting ginger husband to come out and take photos.  I'd like to say that I've made a fair attempt to improve the issues that I had last time, particularly:
  1. Thumbs/hand position
  2. Crookedness
  3. Stopping with my body rather than his face

Derp face continues.

I just think this one is pretty.

Neck reining.

He so pretty.

I thought you needed to see the neck reining again.

I like repetition.

Bitch face.
Thumbs still suck.


I knew a girl in IHSA who had no thumbs.
Maybe I should just pretend I'm her.

I like this one, even with the floppy bonnet.


So.  Uh.  I need to stop working shoulders.  I look like a fucking linebacker.
(Side note:  I did try out for my middle school football team.)

Fucking muscles, yo.

And now, you will canter this way.  And I will look rightfully horrified.

Check his abs!

I love this one, too.

Hubs was being artsy.  :)

Suck in and smile.  :)

Grass break.

Mid noms.


So, from this, I (still) need to work on:
  1. Being consistent with my thumbs/hand position
  2. Not making stupid faces
  3. Training the walk, because, damn, I throw it away to ride one-handed.
  4. Deciding that if I'm going to sit the canter, I need to comment and stop perching.
I was afraid that the new saddle would jack up my leg position, but I only had to raise the irons a hole and I was fine.  At least, I think my legs are fine.  Your trainer would probably cry.

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  1. I love how you two match! :D

  2. Muscles in the right places, also yes you guys match and its awesome. Not making stupid faces I think is a worthy goal, I just think its impossible for most of us (like me) lol

    1. I think I should just plaster on a smile. Bucking? Smile. Rearing? Smile. Falling? Smile.

  3. Great pictures. I think we all make stupid riding faces!

  4. My riding faces are extra stupid. In most of the pictures your hands look great!

    1. They're getting better! I was thinking that I needed to paint my thumbs an obnoxious color.

  5. Looks like a lovely place to ride in!

    1. Dude, that's probably the best area because the rest of it isn't... so... nice.

  6. Great pics! My riding faces are ridiculous!

  7. Riding and weird faces go hand in hand for sure!

    I love your tats :)

  8. I agree with Karley, everyone makes weird faces when they ride. Great pictures!

    1. Thanks! My hubs is figuring out my camera. :)

  9. Apparently I ride around looking like I'm not breathing. I kinda would like to have the silly faces.