Poor Ponies and the Aquarium

Mules!  Seconds after the little one bit the snot out of the bigger one.

Ponies, in step.

With a shit ton of people.

Handsome husband.

I feel like this guy missed his calling.

Tired pony.

Okay, look in the center of the triangle created by the straps from his withers to his shoulder.  See what I see?

Dude was so proud.
 So, here's the "Poor Ponies" part of this.  In Savannah, the only other place that I've seen carriage horses, there are huge water troughs or stall-sized water buckets.  I didn't see anything like that in Charleston.  When I asked one of the guys hustling where the water for these guys was, he told me, "Oh, back at their barn, I guess."  Charleston, I hope this isn't true.

He had part of his left wing amputated.

Seconds before, D had stuck his hand over these fish and they jumped.

Missing toes.

Long nosed gar:  saw two of these swimming in the Savannah River minutes after I'd just let the girls go swimming.  Caught it on video.

Horseshoe crab and sting ray exhibit.

Gah, bicep.



Kiss the creeper, snookums.

Tiny frog.

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  1. Looks like a scar? but I wasn't able to zoom to get a better look. and Little horses always bite the bigger ones, its in their code of ethics.

    1. I think it should be, "Little horses always bite."


  2. I see a scar too ... Aye about the water!!!

    1. I really mean to contact someone about that.

  3. Looks more like stitches than a totally healed up scar to me. That is horrible about the water. :(

    1. Ah, see, I saw stitches and a recent clip job, but I was just using my 50mm and not a telephoto lens. Also, no glasses.

  4. Argh...I hate seeing those cart ponies. We have them in Boston and they always look so sad

    1. For a brief period, I wanted to make it my mission to learn the names of the horses here. But then I got sad-faced thinking about it.

  5. Beautiful pictures. Love the one of you reaching into the pond thing.