I don't know exactly to describe New Barn.  Y'all will probably have to help with that.  The BM shows regularly, but focuses on breed shows.  She's got paints and Quarter horses, and rides both English and Western.  Is that pleasure showing, then?

She teaches lessons and is the one who told me, a million years ago, that I wasn't at a level that she could teach and then referred me to the Second Trainer, who did dressage.  I took monthly lessons with Second Trainer before getting frustrated that I was riding a horse with too few buttons and that I was spending most of my lesson ignoring the trainer and installing buttons.  Third Trainer is supposed to teach "dressage and jumping", which, actually, is perfectly me right now.

I'm really excited.

I asked the trainer at my (future) Old Barn what she knew about Third Trainer and I got sort of a mixed response.  It boiled down to them having different methods, but that Third Trainer had even had a kid (or kids?) go to the Maclay's.  We both laughed about the fact that if she was there, no harm came from trying.  And then I felt super awkward because I never asked her about taking lessons or anything like that.

While I definitely don't think that I have any sort of impact on Old Barn's other horses or, really, anything there, I had a brief pang of concern.  I'm pleased to say that BO really seems to respect the trainer and listens to what she says.  Likewise, the trainer doesn't appear to have any sort of problem stepping in and just doing things she thinks ought to be done.  She's done loads more than I have, but this is also her job and her reputation.

Migratory pattern of a ground-tied Thoroughbred.
Is short.
So, in preparation for our move:
  • Pull mane.  Did that last night.  Took off so much!
  • Trim bridlepath and maybe whiskers.  I like his whiskers, though.
  • Start pulling out stuff that I won't be using for the next week - saddle pads, extra saddles, extra bridles.  Might as well clean all this crap, too.
  • Start looking into getting a tack trunk of some form. Clean out a rubbermaid container for the time being.
  • Put the nifty hand-stamped tags I made on Archie's stuff.
I'm not ashamed.  I'm learning!
  • Archie's coggins are expired (THE SHAME!), so he has a vet visit on Wednesday and I'll put a rush on the coggins and get them emailed to me on Thursday or Friday.  It's going to be a super expensive visit anyways, because he's due for all vax and possibly a dental.  But no rads or I/A injections!  (knock on wood)
  • Get a bale of peanut hay from BO in order to transition Archie back to Coastal at the New Barn.  After a few weeks of being on Coastal, we'll transition him from sweet feed to senior.  Because pony doesn't need sugar.

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  1. I just posted about a business on my blog that makes amazing tack boxes, she makes great stuff, I'd say she'd make a tack trunk for you. Her business is called Moxie Designs, she's in Abilene Texas but ships at a good price. All wood. All sturdy. I've never heard a bad thing about her stuff plus you can customize it, get her to paint a picture of your horse or do chalkboard paint or something on it. She's an amazing artist. :D I literally just posted some of her stuff on my blog if you want to check it out.
    Red's coggins are almost expired..sigh...Gotta get that done!

  2. love the metal work, it looks good, gritty! My style for sure!

    1. LOL. I'll make you something and you can be my beta tester. :)

  3. The metal work definitely looks a little rock star. I can't wait to see pics of Archie in his new digs!

  4. The big move is coming! Excited for you! The mane pull is good- you won't have to do it for a while now :) Oh and the tags looks great!

    1. As short as I went, I should have just shaved it. :)

  5. Mane looks great. Can't wait for pics of the new place!

  6. I am going to hijack this post for my impending move! Also on the tack trunk front I have a Stanley trunk and that think is the bombdotcom. For reals. It was like $50-60 at Home Depot and you can't beat it. I totally pimped (read: organized the shit out of) mine and its awesome for shows. It would be great for day to day stuff as well though as it even has a lock built in. Ill find the link and share it. I loved it so much I bought a taller smaller "trunk" for my medical supplies so they could be easily transported in times of need.

    Sounds like you have a great plan :)

    1. Thanks for the info! Is it this? If so, I'll put that on my list to check out. Any excuse to go to Home Depot!

  7. Those tags have mad swagger. You may have to start selling them. ;)