The New Crew

Conversation with BO several weeks ago:
BO:  She has six horses, but I told her that I could only accommodate four, max, and even then I'd have to get a building permit and get a new run in built.
Me:  **crickets**

Conversation with BO a week ago:
BO:  I looked at my insurance and it's going to go up with four horses, so I'm going to tell her that she can only have the one here.
Me:  That's a good idea.  I don't think the pasture here is really suitable for more than three horses, and you'll have to start giving more hay because there'll be less grass.
BO:  Well <her trainer> had all her horses on dirt and didn't give extra hay and they did just fine.
Me:  **crickets**

Conversation with BO on Saturday:
BO:  So, the new horse (number four) will be here tomorrow at about one.
Me:  I thought you said that you weren't going to have more than three horses.
BO:  I said that I would have to get a building permit and build some run-ins.
Me:  No, you said that your insurance was going to go up too high.
BO:  Oh.  Well, I haven't looked in to that too much.  Five is the max, though.
Me:  **crickets**

Now, I know that her putting however many horses on her property is none of my damn business.  But this is where her barn is different from other barns:  there is only one real pasture.  Archie spent twenty minutes chasing the newest horse around, so if they aren't going to be buddy-buddy, that new guy has to prepare his skinny self to be chased every day.


22 year old Bashkir Curly.

He's really, really sensitive to the bugs.

He's really narrow in his front end, so his owner prefers him to wear the neoprene boots at all times, except when eating.  I'm pretty sure BO reattached them in this photo.


13 year old Appendix.  Because "WTF" was the first thing that popped into mind when I heard about him, I thought Wuf was appropriate.  Also, Skinny Guy is still skinnier than this guy.

Super cute.

A little skinny, but mostly just needs some muscle.

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  1. Blergh I think is the appropriate response to your BO.

  2. I agree with L. Williams. Also, who can afford to board six horses?

    1. Dude, I know! I think the catch is that these are her *students'* horses. And she's got her own horse half-leased.

  3. She isn't going to give extra hay now that the "herd" had doubled?!!? They were ok on a dirt lot?! Aye...

    1. I don't think she understood what I was saying - that there was a finite amount of grass that would be divided by five instead of three, so the hay would need to go up, too. Derp.

  4. Wowza... Hopefully it all works out.

  5. Agree with Hillary... wow.

  6. Omg... :/ your BO is officially cray-cray..