Tiny Art Project

I did this last weekend, while watching a snippet of a Harry Potter marathon. There's a company that specializes in horse-hair bracelets (I'm sure there are a hundred comparable companies), but I've never been able to wear horse-hair directly on my skin.  I gots sensitive self-attacking skin.  :(

I love bracelets.  I love the simplicity and the monotony and the rhythm.  I think a horse hair could be incorporated into a chevron, but I haven't tried it.  This bracelet is much, much simpler than those.

1.  Yank some hairs out of your pony's tail.  Okay.  Don't really yank.  Brush it and wait patiently for a few to fall out.
2.  Knot three of those strands together and do a simple braid for a length of about eight inches. Check against your own wrist.  Knot again.

3.  Gather six strands of embroidery floss, all to equal about eighteen inches in length.  Add your braided horse hair to this pile.

4.  Tie all that crap together.
5.  Braid in a wrap style to your liking, ignoring the horse hair.
Don't know how to do a wrap bracelet?  Here's a tutorial.

6.  At some point, use the horse hair to wrap.  This is purely for you.
(I think, if you were really creative, you could string a charm right here.)

7.  Knot the end.  Tie on wrist.  Trim ends.  Re-knot and trim horse hair, if necessary.

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  1. Oh very cool! I used to make these by the pool int he summer when I was a kid, but they aren't nearly as good as yours.

  2. nice! I totally used to make these when I was a kid at camp!!

  3. Made those all the time when I was younger, kept my fingers nimble for braiding :-)