Blips on the Radar.

What's that, internet?  You're tired of my sick animals?

Yeah, me too.

So let's make this brief (and we won't discuss at all the fact that I had to gather a urine sample at 7:30 this morning and got stinky dog tink all over my hand).

  • Assuming that his leg is still better and his new shoes are attached, I'm going to ride my horse tonight.  You can gasp.  It's warranted.  I mean, nearly two weeks since he's done anything but munch in a field.  I might die, but I am so freaking excited.
  • The in-laws are coming.  The in-laws are coming.
  • The plan, weather permitting, is to grunt together as a family as we finish burying cement around the perimeter of the fence line.  Mommy says, "Screw you, Savannah."
  • BM gave me a head's up that BO will be feeding for part of next week, while they're at a show.  She said to anticipate, um, a lack of speed.  I offered to help.
  • I've been having sleep issues lately.  Technically, "sleep maintenance insomnia", which means that I wake up in the middle of the night and stare at the walls for a few hours. It's fun.  Last night, though, I successfully slept from initial sleepy-time until my alarm went off.  
  • I'm working on a conclusive review of the shine serum stuff that I won from Hillary's contest with Ponytail.  Pictures and stuff. 

In a bathroom on last night's pub crawl for the HS.

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  1. Yahoo ride!! Hopefully everything works out!

    Good luck with the In Laws ;)

  2. Damn I want that poster in MY bathroom.

  3. Yeah, I need that poster in my bathroom, pronto.

  4. Interested in your review. I am not sure how I felt about it or where I should apply it lol. Did make my hair soft... And hues tail soft though. I need to send you half of my bottles of the other products too haha. Then you can have the full pony tail experience...