In my dream world, I would be a photographer.  Designer.  Something with art and creativity and helping people experience things in a new way.  This isn't something that can't be achieved; it's completely possible that I may still develop into a kick-ass photographer.

And as much as I dream of cantering courses and galloping through fields, I also dream of capturing other people doing the same stuff.  I wanna shoot your horse, yo.  But I also wanna shoot your puppy.  With my Canon, of course.

I was contacted by the HS yesterday (at which I have been photographing for over a year now!) about taking headshots for their board of directors.  This doesn't frighten me as much as the last people-oriented photoshoot they asked me to do.  Maybe because it's more portrait and less group, and after years of photographing myself, my husband, and various friends and family, I feel more comfortable with it.

But still.. If I had the choice, I'd be outside photographing relationships.  Gotta remind myself that in order to get to be that kick-ass photog, I've gotta do stuff like this and develop my craft.

Some recents:

Natural light in my den coupled with some post-processing.

Black and tan dogs, orange cats.  Didn't even realize the theme!

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