Oh, man.  I need a vacation.

On Friday, my husband went home early in the afternoon to meet a pest inspector (not for the moles, who are still magically evasive, but for preventative for termites, since our house is wood).  He called me, which never happens, and asked if I could leave work.  I started packing up my stuff before even asking why.

Turns out that the girls had dug under our six foot privacy fence.  We'd "dog-proofed" about a third of the fenceline, where we though they would be more likely to get out, so of course Savannah went to a different section.  I ended up not having to leave work because they were hiding out next to the creek behind our house.

When I actually did leave work, it was pouring rain.  Again.  Monday and Tuesday were wickedly hot and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were wet.  I pulled the Kid out of his pasture anyways, since I hadn't laid eyes on him in a couple of days.  He had slight inflammation on his outside left front, but it wasn't bad and wasn't hot.  I told BM about it and asked her to let me know if his leg fell off or anything.

I woke up on Saturday to a text from her stating that he was lame.

In a tizzy, I drove out to the barn and pulled him from his pasture.  He wasn't head-bobbing or anything and I didn't get how he was lame on that left front.  And then I saw the right hind.  Hello, grapefruit.

BM loaned me some stuff with which to ice his legs and I did that, then applied some meds, some wraps and buted him.  Saturday afternoon, we drove out to a nearby city (roughly 45 minutes away) to pick up some poultice.  And treats.  And fly spray.  And some shirts, because they were on sale.

Icing the crappy legs.
After having been in the pasture all day.  I bought some more pillow pads, but I need to cut them down as they're too tall.
I iced, poulticed and wrapped both crappy legs Saturday night and put regular polos on the non-crappy legs.  Yesterday morning, the left front was completely normal and the right hind was down about fifty percent.  I just repeated the process for his right hind and put his fly boots back on up top.  When I checked him last night, the heat was down but the swelling was still present. It's no longer in his hock, but just around that fetlock.  I figure that it isn't going to be an instantaneous reduction in size. Fluids have to be reabsorbed and whatnot.  So, I iced, poulticed and wrapped it again last night.  The poultice is supposed to be good for twenty-four hours, so I felt okay leaving it until I get off work today.  I'm in that weird place where it's gotten better, but is still a concern, so I don't know at which point to call the vet.  Grumble.  I'm also torn because Archie is happily trotting and cantering off when I finish his treatments and is being an absolute shit while waiting in the cross ties.  I know he needs work, but don't know if that would make things worse.

More icing.

Dancing in the crossties.  Also, I bought those polos on consignment and I think they suck.
Down in size!
Farrier comes on Thursday.
Fly boots in front, wrapped in back.
After playing with Archie on Sunday morning, I went home and met my husband in the back yard.  We dug trenches under part of the fenceline and cemented chickenwire down.  Screw you, Savannah.  The dogs are under yard restriction until we finish the rest of the fenceline.

Scarlette has finished her medications and returned to her normal, neurotic self.  She gives me happy dances when I'm feeding her and attitude when I rebuff or ignore her.  I appreciate all of the well-wishes for my old lady!
I was in the process of pulling him from his pasture.  He promptly ran off after I took this.

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  1. I've missed so much! Glad Scarlett is okay... Hope Archie's inflammation is fully gone soon... And have a drink or two, damn.

  2. Looking much better! Get well soon Archie.

  3. It has been a rough couple weeks for you, I think! I agree with Julie. Alcohol. The problem solver.

  4. He's looking better! Have a drink and celebrate :-)

  5. Looks much better! Crafty dogs!

  6. Finally get to read this post, gah. I had how troubling horses try to be. >:[