Reevaluation & Plans.

About two weeks into June, I wrote this post about my goals for the summer.  Two-thirds the way through summerish (am I the only one who considers September to be all fall?), here we stand:

Summer Goals

  • Canter the length of the dirt road without dying.  Null.  NO MORE DIRT ROAD!  Okay, there are others at the new place.  Still. 
  • Jump something other than a stinkin' crossrail.  ←  Still a possibility, now that there are jumps.  
  • Continue improving his fitness with the goal of preparing very well for winter. ← I've ridden his little ass off when the weather allowed.
  • Try to find someone willing to come out to BFE (military term, google it) and give the Kid and me some lessons. Stoked to take a lesson next week!
  • Get back into running consistently.  No excuses. ← Fail.  Does it count if I fantasize about running?
  • Decrease body fat while increasing lean muscle.  (Lift some weights and stop eating extra crap.)  ←  Fail.  I'm lifting, but I'm still eating too much.
  • Practice some soccer drills with the husband - this should include not tripping people and not pushing people and neither scratching nor punching people.  ← Fail.
  • Keep going to yoga.  ← Semi-fail.  I'm consistently inconsistent.
  • Learn some legitimate HTML, beyond what I can easily google.  (Interested in this, too?  Try here.)  ← Semi-win.  See those fancy buttons to the left?  I wrote all the code for those!
  • Devote some time to photographing some kids that aren't mine and aren't available for adoption.  ← Fail.  Not even some random drunken walk-bys.
  • Start the process of learning German and brush up on my French.  There are apps for this! ← Fail.  I think the app still says "new".

In happier news, the husband and I have started discussing my big birthday this year.  In exactly two months, one week and five days, I'll be 30.  Everyone older than 30 tells me that this isn't a big deal, everyone under 30 looks at me with horror.  When I thought about thirty, honestly, I thought I'd be just about where I am.  Everyone wants to have a huge impact on the world.  I'm satisfied with a million tiny impacts.  Sometimes, people don't appreciate my impacts.  That's okay.

I'm very happily married to the man I pursued doggedly for two decades.  I have two sweet (evil) (never forget, eventually forgive) dogs.  I have three very adoring cats.  My, uh.. turtles... are awesome to watch.  We own our own home, my car runs and plays music and has really cold air conditioning and keyless entry, and my best friend is stabled at a kick-ass barn and is going to do great things with me.  I have a loose job that I tolerate very well and that also pays my bills.  Twice a week, I get to photograph things and people appreciate my work.  I have relatively good relationships with all of my family and my husband's family.  I couldn't ask for more.

So the current plan is to go to Washington, DC for my birthday.  We looked at flights all over the country, considered time constraints, and finally decided that this would be the bestest place to go.  I went for a work conference a few years ago, but wasn't able to actually do anything.  I'm hoping to see more, do more, and take a shit ton of photos.

I did meander on my lunch walk today.  I love that they took the time to braid a ribbon in the mane.

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  1. I'm not 30 yet, but I'm very close.. and it's not horror. Right? Right?!

    1. Eh. The only shit I give is about procreation and how much longer I can put that off. I know 30 is going to be better than 20. Life is so much better.

  2. 30 is no horror. :) it's nice to like what you're doing, and be happy about where you are in life. That's where I was when I turned 30 four years ago, and it's just been a continuation of that. Sounds like you're headed in that direction. The one drawback is that you are NOT a kid anymore, by anyone's standards. Lol

    You will have a blast in DC. The entire area is beautiful.

    1. Not a kid anymore? Like, I'm legitimately a grown up? Gah. The sad feels!

      But in that regard, I've never been like the other kids and have always been too mature for my own age.

    2. Oh you can totally act like a kid for as long as you want (Charles and I certainly still do. I know a 48 year old that still acts like she's 28. Haha). You just might get more weird looks than when you were in your 20's. ;)

      And I agree with you about feels like summer is over up here too. I swear some leaves are starting to change colors already...

  3. I agree with you about September and Fall. August is like the Sunday of months. All of a sudden, you're back to reality too soon.

    1. Yes! This! The Sunday of months is BEAUTIFUL! Because work really starts back in September!

  4. It WAS total horror when I turned 30... now I'm 32 and it's just dislike. Only problem now is that everyone wants to know when I'm going to have a baby, because "you don't want to get too OLD, do you?" :-)

    1. UGH. I'm going to be one of those feminazis with "MY UTERUS, MY CHOICE" t-shirts. Or a classy pin to wear on the work blazer (that I don't own, but a grown woman should have a blazer, right?).