Review: Ponytail Show Pony Shine

A (few?) weeks ago, I won Equestrian At Hart's Ponytail contest.  Lemme just go ahead and throw this out there:  if you've got any sort of anything that you'd like me to review, I'm game.  I loved doing this!


I'm always freaking stoked to get packages.  I've mentioned before that I get a Birchbox and, even though it's little, it's wrapped beautifully and I love opening it.

I will say that I was a ton more impressed with the shipping of a liquid by this company than I have been by SmartPak.  When I get something wet from Smartpak, it's almost certainly guaranteed to have leaked.  This package did not.
Front of bottle.  I'm not a fan of yellow gold, but it certainly looks classy.
Back of bottle.  Things to note: use wet or dry, various oils, and, at the very bottom, "cruelty free."  That's one of the biggest things I look for - also, none of the other things I won't use because animals died for them, like lanolin or gelatin.

Use:  Human Hair Wet

Okay, background information:  I am the daughter of a master cosmetologist.  I know more than the average woman about beauty stuffs.  That's not to say that I apply that knowledge, but I know what I like and what to do and all that.  It's also why I had blue hair in high school.  Just saying.

The big thing I think about this product is the use of oils.  You'd think, with the whole market of shampoos and super cleans and whatever, that you wouldn't want to add oil to your hair.  You do.  Here's more random information:  I wash my hair every other day.  I only shampoo the roots.  I only condition the ponytail.  I use coconut oil once a week on the ponytail.
My regular coconut oil, until it empties out and I can open the jar I got from Trader Joe's.
Wide-tooth comb.

A detangler, since I was going to be combing this stuff through my wet hair.


I think this is their secret to ensuring no spillage: a seal.

Directions said to apply a "generous drop".  I think this is generous.  Product was clear and slightly runny.
Like my callous from lifting weights with my wedding set still on?

Product applied - no real visual difference.

Here's my hand afterwards - no need to wash hands or anything because the oils absorb.  Even the hubs was talking about how nice my hands felt afterwards.  (Hey, Ponytails, make a human lotion!)
And no discernible different the next day.

Use:  Human Hair Dry

So, this is my frizzy hair in it's natural state.  I really don't use much on my hair beyond occasionally washing it and weekly oiling of it.  Obviously.

Before Ponytail.

After Ponytail - SHINE!
I wanted to toss in something about this product versus my normal shine product.

I love almost everything I use from Not Your Mother's.  But this stuff?  This stuff SMELLS.  Yeah, it gets my hair shiny and is easier to use and distributes more evenly than the Ponytail.  But what does all that matter if it stinks like candy crap?  The Ponytail Show Pony Shine smells amazing.  

Use:  Horse Hair Dry

I didn't even bother to use it on Archie's tail when it was wet, since it didn't show any difference in my hair when it was wet.  Also, it's a pain in the ass to wash and condition a horse tail and it'd be hard to say that any difference wouldn't be due to the fact that it was clean.
Archie's tail before.  See his little bleached tips?

Archie's tail after.  Sleek and shiny.

Bottom Line:

  • Smells amazing.
  • Works great on dry hair.
  • Would be more efficient in a spray bottle.
  • Does not leave hair feeling greasy or oily.
  • Ponytail Show Pony Shine can be purchased at Dover for $17.99, but Smartpak doesn't seem to carry it.
  • And I'm 100% more likely to keep this product for myself.  :)

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  1. Haha 1) I love that you did a lot of before and afters and photos. That is an effective way to write a product review.

    2) Should I really only shampoo my roots? I usually only shampoo if my hair has been in a helmet lol.

    1. 1) I think good reviews must have before and after photos!
      2) We talked about this. :)

  2. I love that you used it on your self and that you will probably use it on your self more then the pony haha!!! Great review!!!

  3. This is one of the best reviews I've seen in a while! Loved the before & after photos.

    1. Thanks! I had fun doing it, even though it took a couple days to finish.

  4. I am confused too! Should I really only shampoo my roots? What about the rest of my hair? I wash it every day too.

    1. LOL!

      Okay - there are factors to consider, like what type of hair and scalp you have and what all you do. All I can say it to try it and see how it works for you. If you don't like the results, go back to your norm!

  5. Great review!

    Ever since moving into my trailer - the Shimmy Shack - I've been cutting back on the hair washing. I've noticed way better body + less breakage and loss. The only bad thing is my water source is well water. Any suggestions for counteracting the iron-y reddish tinge I'm acquiring? ;D

    1. Two things immediately come to mind: purple shampoo and Dawn.

      Purple shampoo is used primarily for those with brassy tones - normally from highlights changing or attempting to highlight with the wrong combination of volumizer and peroxide. But once a week should nix reddish tones. The only concern I would have about that is that you're adding more to your hair - layering purple on top of brass (which is what I think you're saying with "iron-y reddish tinge").

      Which leads me to Dawn (regular, non-bleachy). Regular dishsoap is actually a great way to strip hair of unwanted things - like if you use a box to dye your hair and it turns out fugly? Wash a few times with dishsoap. The things to consider with this: if your hair is color-treated, don't do it. You'll strip the color. You won't strip your natural color because it isn't a lightening or coloring agent. But, if you go this route, I'd recommend only doing it occasionally, because you're going to also strip those nice little oils. Like once or twice a month, maybe, if your hair isn't fine or delicate. And go ahead and follow it up with a nice leave-in conditioner to help restore those oils.

      /novel :)

  6. Great review! Love the before and after photos.