I'm trying to figure out a plan for the Kid and me.  With our rides.  And stuff.

At the old barn, I would do a little jumping on Monday, a short ride on Wednesday, a longer ride on Friday, downward transitions on Saturday and a longerish ride on Sunday.  With some trail riding and exceptions for weather, of course.  There's no reason, really, to change that except that now there are JUMPS.  I must jump all the things, you see.  And last week was thrown off normal schedule due to eagerness and weather.

So, now, it's looking something vaguely like this:  "grid" work on Monday, lesson on Wednesday (I think this is going to be a sporadic thing, though), downward transitions on Friday, jumping on Saturday, longerish rider on Sunday.

Yesterday, my "grid work" consisted of one cavaletti and varying approach and turn off.  In my fabulous illustration below, I would do a large circle, first turning right and then turning left, then a smaller circle turning left and then right.  And then repeat, going the opposite direction over the cavaletti.

I get it.  It's beautiful.  (MS Paint, not my new Bamboo!)
We also tried our hand at the "Spiral of Death" (mentioned on Team Flying Solo, but I can't find the post nor a search button!).  Tracking left was okay.  Tracking right, he got pissed off and fell in.  He also wasn't happy about cantering yesterday.  Poor guy has had a lot of changes!

I tried to edit out the extraneous stuff, but I failed.  Also, middle picture, bottom row?  That tiny blob on the bottom right is the ditch.
Every ride, though, I've made a point to take him to the woods.  I get that the Horse-eating Ditch from Hell isn't going to be conquered any time soon (because the Kid and I have to cross smaller bridges, first), but I think it's important to get him out there and looking at stuff.  Also, building the idea that I'm not going to put him in any sort of danger.  Except... I did walk him into a spiderweb the other day.  And the spider clung to his face.  And I freaked out.  Except for that.
It was this guy.  Harmless, but HUGE.  More huge, hanging from my horse's ear bonnet.

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  1. Hmmm, we don't have a death spiral that I can think of, but we DO have David O.'s Death Circle of neverending work!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yes, that! I think I renamed it because L Williams also has a circle of death thing, but it involves jumps. Doesn't yours sort of spiral? Maybe?

    3. You certainly can add a spiral to it. I think you can do anything you want on the Death Circle. Except rest, ROFL!

  2. oh that spider... eek! no thank you!

  3. OMG, my heart would have stopped if that spider had been on my face, harmless or not! Eeek!

  4. I have a circle of death diagram on my blog somewhere, also that spider is fucking scary.