A Good Weekend.

Things accomplished this weekend:

  • We cantered a cavalleti set to its lowest setting on both leads.  
    • Neither of us died, though I think the poor Archer is confused at having to work.
    • I haven't forgotten how to jump, which constantly surprises me.  I mean, cantering a fence (er.. a pole?) is different than trotting a fence.  Cantering a fence without digging your ass into the horse's spine is also a different thing.  It's like my fucking game face came on, my shoulders came back, my eyes locked on to the outside rail, I got tall and light and still led him to the base of the "jump".  Why am I not doing this shit more often?!
  • We went the furthest, thus far, on the left trail.  It's a long dirt road that is supposed to lead somewhere else, but dead-ends on another asphalt road.  I think this would be good for cantering, when my balls drop.
  • Counter-canter!
  • Almost immediate and maintained contact at the trot.  
  • I discovered a deep yearning for gloves.
And the pinky stays pristine.
  • We went down and up over the bigger, more narrow ditch.
  • I missed a group trail ride, which made me sad.  I'm going to try to attend the next one, because balls.  Right?  My horse can accomplish anything I don't inhibit him from.
  • My legs have started to figure out this whole gripping-the-horse-with-the-calves-and-a-long-thigh thing.  It's pretty magical.
  • We did collection/extension work at the canter.  You can be surprised.
Oh, and something went for the Kid's jugular.
  • Rotating the ankle to engage the spur has become almost second nature.  I think this is aided by my legs figuring out how to leg.
  • In pure weekend fashion, I drank a shit ton of beer.  And a martini.  And ate some chocolate.  I also hit the gym twice and photographed puppies and kitties at the Humane Society.
Grayson wanted to come home with me.  
  • I fell in love with my body.  This is sort of a big deal.  As much as I'd like to look like a fitness model by the time I turn thirty, it isn't going to happen.  But there was this point, looking at myself doing my little weight-free warm-up squats and I was amazed at what I saw.  Strength.  Muscle.  Definition.  Toned legs and a strong back and a tight ass.  Fuck the scale.  I'm amazing.
Squirrel Mutt loves her mother, regardless of what her body looks like.

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  1. That sounds like the best weekend!

  2. I wish I had your motivation! I hate my body and yet can't bring myself to set foot in a gym haha.

  3. Great weekend! I love the "my horse can accomplish anything..." quote - I have to repeat that to myself too.

  4. What a terrific weekend! Love the quote too. And your balls will drop. lol The more you do stuff out of your comfort zone, the easier it will get, even if it's just one step at a time. ;)

  5. Love it! Yourself and the Kid are making so much progress since the move, it sounds like everything is falling into place! I hope I can make half as much progress with my two now that we are back at the yard and have access to the arenas!
    Love your body revelation also! You go girl! :D