Jumps, Georgia, and Canters.

Busy weekend!  I'll try not to bog it down with too many words.

Friday brought us jumps.  The guy on the left is on hole four, the guy on the right is on hole three.  I have to take the PVC pipe off the cavalleti next time, because Archie did not respect it.  Every time he went over it, there was a loud, resounding thunk from his hooves hitting the pipe.

I wasn't sure what kind of horse I'd have, since he was slightly bonkers the day before.  He was good, solid.  Brave to the base of the itty-bitty fences.  We finished on an awesome note, when he cantered out after the big crossrail and I'd finally felt the form that I had felt in my lesson with T3.

Such a good Kid.

We discovered leaves.  It was magical.

Oh, and I gave this guy a cookie ONE TIME and he persists to follow me through his pasture.
Saturday brought us to Game Day.  Long time readers might recall (or not) (because it has nothing to do with horses) that D and I went to a game last year.  We did things a little differently this time, because it was an afternoon game and not an evening game.  No bueno.  We left Savannah at 5 AM on Saturday and returned at 2 AM on Sunday.  That aspect of it was pretty damn miserable.
Pretty.  Straight out of iPhone.

I thought this was hilarious.

Much drinking was had.  This fellow told me that he was Canadian and was trying to blend in.

Me and my dad.
Happy birthday, handsome husband!
Alright, funny story.  D and I had a few beers.  We were in the pursuit of his boss, who said that they would be tailgating at X.  We get to X and there is no one in the area, but a lot of people around the area.  I start hiccuping.  Because I might be tipsy.  I'll never tell.  So, D goes off to try to find his boss and I wander up to some random table (okay, the bearded guy didn't hurt) and ask if I can have a drink because I have the hiccups.  Southern hospitality, y'all.  As coolers are being opened and cups are offered, D's boss bursts through some bushes and yells my name.  Turns out, I had unknowingly wandered into his tailgating party.  Side note:  his friend said I was hot, which might have made this chub-chub's day.

Um, fuck yes.  Boiled peanuts complete me.
You'd think that since we got home so late on Sunday morning, we would take Sunday easy.  You'd be wrong.  I got up at about ten and went to get the girls.  Then it was home to do some chores, go get lunch, go clothes shopping, go to the gym, take photos at the Humane Society (where I fell in love with a GSD and D contemplated taking home a Siamese and two snow-shoes), to the barn to work on our flat work and finally to eat dinner.

While riding, we worked on some no-stirrup work and some downward transitions.  About this time, someone starting firing a gun next to me.  The Kid turned his ear and kept trotting.  I love my horse!

Horsie kisses while eating his dinner.

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  1. Blegh that drive sounds awful but you did have a lot of fun!

  2. Sounds like you have been busy! You need a few days off to catch up from your weekend :)

  3. Sounds like a good weekend! Archie is such a a ham in the first pic. So cute!