Mah Eyeball.

I got this yesterday morning:

iOS 7?  I am a believer.
I tried not to stress about it, but of course I'm thinking of Chosen by a Horse, brain tumors, eye tumors and how my little amazeball OTTB would do jumping with one eyeball.  Because swelling automatically leads to amputation, right?

This left eye has caused us some problems in the past, too.


So I went out last night to assess the situation.  After photographing at the Humane Society and running a couple miles.
My darling horse is pushing the other guys away.  Also, hello, fall.

Not too bad!

Squirrely eye for comparison.

Okay, worse.  

Cold compress.

Fly mask and threats cookies.

Follow me anywhere, Kid!
I think it's fallen under the category of "watch".  I'm tempted to contact my old vet friend in Augusta to see if he would recommend a flush or something.  I know the vet is supposed to come out next month to do coggins and stuff, so if it's still an issue then, I'll get him stained and checked for an ulcer.  I said a couple weeks ago that he got all weird squinty-eyed.  He'll continue to wear the fly mask and I'll continue to flush with cold water/compress after my rides.  Of course, if he swells up like he did in 2008, I'll call the vet immediately.

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  1. Sounds like you have a good plan lined up. Fingers crossed it goes away quickly.

  2. That's so weird, especially that it has happened before. Hopefully it doesn't need to be amputated :P